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What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

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I bought a metal cutting band saw.

The thing is awesome. Fast and cuts beautifully. Not exactly dirt cheap, but with all the savings I'll be making on that elbow grease, it will pay for itself in no time.

I did have to make a few modifications, though. Originally you had to stand there and push the GO button and the handle, which on bigger pieces would certainly get tiresome (not quite as tiresome as hacksawing, but still), so I ziptied the button to always ON (there are still ON/OFF buttons, so no lost control there) and installed a mounting for some weights. Now I can pop some weights and leave the saw to do it's thing mostly unsupervised. I still need to make an endstop so when the cut is complete it doesn't slam down (current endstop is not in good position for this type of operation).


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Attempt no. 4 of desoldering that GB battery. After a half success last time, where I got at least one plate desoldered, the stupid thing finally came off and I successfully replaced it with a new one! SRAM is now getting (-)2.95V, close enough to 3 for a save to be retained!

Now, the connections aren't clean at all and one of them is more abstract solder sculpture than connection, but that doesn't matter to me right now. Just like everything else, the key to that is just practicing, and given I hardly had any before I couldn't be happier about the result!

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