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Meme Uber-Thread 1


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Meme Uber-Thread 1

Oh! Hello! Looks like you clicked onto this thread!  (Hopefully not by accident. Still, you would of left by now if you clicked on here by accident!) Anyways, you do know memes on the internet. Those ideas that spread like wildfire because their unique and original, till their so bland and boring that they have had all their uniqueness and originality sucked out of them, like a spider on a web feeding on a massive juicy fly, sometimes usually the fly could go on for years without running dry. Anyways, im rambling on like a verbose meme (one underneath if you do not know what that is.) And thus lets get this Uber-thread started!


Oh wait, forgot to include some memes, give me a sec!



Increasingly Verbose of the word `Kerbal`


"I identify as an attack helicopter" but Unnecessarily Verbose

I identify my 3-11 dimensional being, taking up space in our energy and matter rich Universe, as a highly developed piece of machinery developed by homo sapiens originating from the collection of rock and metals developed into 4 layers, a heavy metal rich core surrounded my lighter, cooler layers. Called a planet, of which the planet these hominids have developed from through the roots of a process called evolution, that took nearly 4 billion years, is called Earth, and of which is covered in a liquid that is made from the combination of 2 hydrogen atoms in a convalent bond, and a single oxygen atom, and which is heated at such the right temperature that it is a liquid, and not a gas or solid. And of which the planet is in enveloped in a 10000 km high layer of gaseous substances, which compose at 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.04% carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas that helps trap heat so that one side of the planet Earth so that liquid water doesnt turn to ice in a relatively short time frame.), and a varying amount of water vapour sometimes measuring to 4% water vapour in the air, and last but not least is a varying mixture of other, minor substances in the air. Of which this machinery the homo sapiens developed is produced for a strategy of taking materials and land for expansion for large communities of these homo sapiens, also known as countries, and of which is called war. Of which this machinery, build for war, is designed to cut through the gaseous compounds surrounding it, causing a universally invisible phenomenon known as force to make it move upright and sideways, generally in any direction as long as the gaseous substances around it are of a certain pressure. Or else it will suddenly jerk downwards due to the force of gravity (which all objects pull each other towards, even small pulls make slight varying changes to a massive objects path due to this force.) And will continue to go downward till the gaseous mixture becomes thick enough again. Of which this machinery is equipped with small containers of machinery that will ignite using their liquid fuel and will change course over its flight, so that it will arrive at its designed target and implode itself into its target, causing a chain reaction of spontaneous combustion that will cause a sudden pressure wave in the air, allowing its target to be destroyed due to the forces applied to it. This machine that the smaller containers that launch of it using their liquid fuel is also equipped with smaller machines that shoot extremely small pieces of metal melded in such a way that after a certain point will explode, boosting a smaller piece of metal to a higher velocity so that it will apply a higher force into a smaller area and cause more damage to whatever material or object it impales itself into. This machinery of which we have just described is what we call a attack helicopter, as it is specialized in the field of combat during war and will attack large groups of entities that are not part of the side that is helping the helicopters side, and is also hurting that side of which the helicopter is part of...

Lego Meme

Can't Lego Cuz About To Let Go

Something closer to our comfort zones...



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That's a german Maus tank. Maus means mouse in german. And Maus tanks would've been the largest tanks in the world if they would've been built.



Those are Girls und Panzer memes I made, but you don't need to have watched Girls und Panzer to understand these. Hope you like them!

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