[WIP][1.2.x] More Ore Tanks Mod

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[WIP] This is a mod that adds extra Ore holding tanks for KSP, notably smaller ones. 


The stock Ore tanks in KSP, in my opinion, are too big for smaller landing craft (with the radial holding tank as an exception). Therefore, I am making a mod pack for myself that will give more Ore tank sizes, and also thought about releasing it to the public.

Furthermore, the game has two inline-mounted ore tanks, both 1.25m and 2.5m, respectively. However, I do believe that they are too long to fit on a lander of some sort and I would like to make a half-version of the 1.25m ore tank, with exactly half the storage capacity. This wouldn't change the fact that it is 1.25m, though, it would only change the height of the tank. This would in turn enable it to be mounted on crafts more compactly. 

If this mod is what people may consider using after development, then please reply to this forum as this is going to go ahead for my personal use but I would like to see if the general community would like to also use these parts. 

The textures will probably be similar, but they might not be identical for reasons to do with copyright of Squad's textures. I will look into this. 

Speculated parts list:

  • 0.625m Tiny Ore Tank; capacity around half of the 1.25 version. 
  • 1.25m Small Ore Tank; only difference to stock one is the height; therefore the capacity is half that of the stock 1.25m one.
  • (Possibly) 3.75m Extra Large Ore Tank; for huge landers and bases; capacity twice the size of the 2.5m stock tank.

These ore capacity numbers may change in development if they seem too high or too low for the relative size of the tank. 

All of above is true in the hope that my creativity skills with 3D design software is good enough to create a decent mod pack.


Please submit your opinions below. Thanks.



The first fuel tank is done. This one is the 1.25m half-variant one. 

The picture below shows the normal stock 1.25m Ore tank and next to it is the modded one.

  • Cost: 750
  • Mass: 0.25
  • Ore Capacity: 150
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