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[1.11.x] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

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On 1/26/2017 at 6:22 AM, Wyzard said:

Wow, I hadn't noticed that those are separate parts.  They look identical.

The ranger mini-hab doesn't seem to provide a hab multiplier, though — it just provides 10 kerbal-months.  (It also says "Crew Affected: 0", but I don't know what that means.)  The Karibou emergency hab, on the other hand, provides one kerbal-month but says "Crew Affected: 10".

I had a couple of questions around habitation. I'm trying to get my head around the difference of these two parts now that the textures show they are different. (I thought they were the same part in two categories) Please let me know if I've misunderstood how these calculations work. Happy to learn the correct way and would greatly appreciate any responses. :)


Karibou Emergency Hab
Description: This emergency shelter can provide two Kerbals ample room for either a shorter-term mission, or emergency habitation on a long-term mission while they await rescue. Suitable for twelve months of habitation at full occupancy.
Mass: 0.24 Tons
Habitation: 1.2 Kerbal months (1.2 Kerbal months = 36days = 216hrs)
Crew Affected: 10
Multiplier: 0
Replacements Parts: 320
After deploying - option to Start Converter and this adds more hab time (At no electricity cost)

Coupe of Questions:
I figured most of parts descriptions are just flavor text, but this one initially seemed informative seeing as I'm comparing this and the MKS mini hab.
Can someone advise how the description of "Suitable for twelve months of habitation at full occupancy." make sense? Is it only talking about this part? Isn't the hab values dependent on all hab parts in the vessel and there's no way to get 12months is there? Or am I reading too much into the description?

Is there a rounding issue in the VAB Life Support Status screen where it only shows integers for the Extratime values?
I took a Mk1 Capsule (7.5 days hab) and added the Emergency Hab (should it not add +36 days hab (1.2months) for a of total 43d 3hrs?) The Extratime value only showns "1" (not 1.2) so it only adds a flat 30 days (1 month) to the calculations for habitation.
Taking this craft out to the launchpad, it starts with the expected 7.5days (7days, 3hrs) from the Mk1 capsule.

Before deployment - Should the "Start Converter" action be visible if this shelter is NOT deployed? After deployment and retraction, it disappears, so I'm guessing it's supposed to only be visible when deployed.

Deploying the shelter changes the Hab timer to an even 22days (+15days in additional to Mk1 Habitation). No hours?  EDIT: Just worked out why - it seems to rounds the hab figure to days when >=21 days. (nice addition!)


Using the "Start Converter" action on the hab, changes the from 22days to 52days (+30days over deploying and Mk1 hab values.)

Separate question - after deployment, what is the "Start Converter" action doing? There isn't anything about converter in the Right click VAB part info for this. I'm wondering if it's a mistake or am I missing a mechanic that USI-LS does?qfdTsWFh.png?1

I'm expecting hab timer of 43days 3hrs (43d actual seeing and the status page rounds the hab to days when it's over 20d 5h)
 - 7.5days for Mk1 +36days for deployed Hab shelter with a 1.2month hab benefit.

However I'm getting 52days
 - 7.5days for Mk1 +14days 3hrs for deployed Hab shelter +30days for converter

What am I missing in trying to work these figures out?

For my own game, when I compare the emergency shelter (add ~1.2months) to the MKS Minihab (adds 10months) the same size part seems off. Is there any plan to change the size / part? The emergency shelter seems awkwardly large for the single month hab benefit when you could get a 10month benefit for the same sized part and a bit of EC. I think I'll modify my games cfg file to change the rescaleFactor to 0.5. Seems like it would just it 2 kerbals inside at 0.5.

Not sure is this change would want to be adopted for the actual mod though seeing as the part asset was build to fit neatly on the side of the Karibou parts. Maybe the 10month mini hab could be bigger instead of shrinking the 1month shelter?


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13 hours ago, Gilph said:

I have just tried this on a Duna PDU and it did not work. Had an engineer on EVA and clicked Perform Maintenance.  Had a rover right next to it, disconnected, with uranium in the little tank.  Any ideas?

I haven't actually tried doing maintenance with uranium, so not sure. 

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9 hours ago, RoverDude said:

What @goldenpsp said.

If MKS is a part of your career, then USI-LS is the best bet to go with - you're going to get the best interop and the best experience.


Oh yeah...  a new release is up, too :wink:


0.50.15 - 2017.02.04

Can't deploy MKS Ranger Agricultural Module and MKS Ranger Habitation (at least) after update, NullReferecnceError in console. Checked with no other mods installed in clean sandbox game.12842822.png

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I'm not sure if related to the issue above, but I am getting NullReferenceExceptions related to the Field Repair function with 0.50.15:

[EXC 21:06:18.352] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    USITools.USI_ModuleFieldRepair.PushResources (System.String resourceName)
    USITools.USI_ModuleFieldRepair.FinalizeMaintenance (System.String msg)
    USITools.Logistics.ModuleAutoRepairer.FixedUpdate ()


Previously, on a scene change with a distributed base, green text messages would appear with a list of parts that had been Field Repaired, but now only a single part is displayed, and the Machinery is not automatically resupplied any more.  

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@RoverDude, with respect to the button toggle for local/planetary warehouse, the button color seems to be reversed.  When the function is enabled, the button looks like it's in the off mode, and vice versa.  Is that right?

Edit1: Sorry...i see it now.  The button is darker when you push it down. 

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If I rename EL_USI.cfg I have all stuffs reverted to RocketParts with EL, still unsure if that file is going to be depreciated in future and haven't figured a way to use SpecializedParts without EL e.g. MKS side.

Mind I ask, what I would do with SpecializedParts? .. I mean is there a proper usage planned? .. they're somehow useless then if not.


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Is there a way to increase disassembly range for a kerbal on EVA?

Mmm, based on this piece of code, it looks like the variable name is EVARange.


And based on this configuration file (and the fact that the attributes there match up with the [KSPField] in the C# code).


I could probably add EVARange to that ScrapParts.cfg file and increase my disassembly range.

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Self Sustaining Minmus Base:


Needs attention every few weeks, and there are two open bugs (one reported, one not), but all works.

On the manufacturing side, have to either produce Colony Supplies or Machinery, but not both.  So, I swap whenever i need to and both produce more than are consumed. Also, I need to toggle producing Refined Exotics every three weeks because of Chemical production (net positive with RE off, negative with RE on), But, everything still net positive in total.

Uses 2270 EC/sec, just be warned.


Edit1: What is not shown are two remote miners: one for exotic minerals/rare metals, and a larger one for minerals only. They also have supplies/hab for about 60 days. Unattended, they do not produce enough, so I fly an engineer/minor to increase production for 60 days and return them back.  Resets the hab timers nicely as a side benefit.

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@blu3wolf- GC will be treated as a hard dependency, on par with Firespitter, CRP, etc. - reason being, MKS was always meant to have (eventually) base construction as a fundamental part of it.  And about the time it came up on my to-do list, I realized that @allista had already done an excellent job with GC and it was 90% of what I would have done anyway.  I reached out, we're now collaborating, and thus GC is officially the base construction extension for MKS.  The integration is seamless, and GC can still stand on it's own - though the two are better together, much like peanut butter and jelly :D

Regarding EL, nothing will conflict with it.  But note that in the future, the EL specific parts will be removed, and any support would take the form of an optional config file.

For careers in progress, there should be no mayhem.  It just adds some new parts.  If there are concerns RE GC CTT placement, those are easy enough to address (not sure if @allistahas CTT support - if not, I can toss over a PR).  For any other CTT issues (for MKS bits), I am happy to take pull requests if there's some consensus on moving a few bits around.

@Rehpic - looks like I have to update the MKS CKAN metadata.  Will take a look as I am doing some small bug cleanup today anyway

@wile1411 - that description may very well be out of date :D  Also there was a PR that tweaked those - if it's resulting in some unfortunate calculations, that will need to be looked at.  Will also take a look at those other issues in your post - thanks!

@Gilph - I'll take a look at the Duna PDU.

@ms6107 - will take a look.

@LatiMacciato - SpecializedParts are used to make Machinery and ColonySupplies, both of which are pretty important to MKS, even without EL.

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1 minute ago, LatiMacciato said:

ahh right, fair enough, ty for reply :)

Also the whole thought behind the GC DIY kits is that you ship all the fancy complicated stuff from Kerbin and then you use less sophisticated material kits and the complex stuff you brought to build ships. 

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18 hours ago, voicey99 said:

Gilph was looking for a small cargo container that fitted the Akita, of which there aren't any (given the Akita wasn't designed for cargo).

18 hours ago, RoverDude said:

I believe there's already a Github issue open for this

I don't see an open issue related to Akita cargo in either the Konstruction or USI Core repos, but you might be thinking of this PR of mine, which adds small kontainers that attach to the KIS container mount and fit nicely on an Akita.  That change isn't quite ready to merge yet since the new parts need models, but I've made a pair of models that I'll be adding to the PR sometime soon.  (They're basically just mash-ups of the KIS container base and existing USI kontainers.)

12 hours ago, RoverDude said:

Whoops - grab the new USI Tools version that just went up a few seconds ago (0.8.13)

Where can I find v0.8.13?  Both the MKS and USI Core downloads still have v0.8.12.

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In all my posts on here, I don't think I ever actually thanked @RoverDude for making this mod, and all the other fantastic constituents of the USI collection. So thank you, for making MKS and sharing it with the community, enabling us all to sink the rest of our lives into building bases all around the system, and complimenting it with the no less time-stealing mods of USI-LS, ART and FTT to name but a few.

With that, let me present Dres Asteroid Station "Omega":


This monster of a station is the largest single-launch craft I've ever seen anywhere, let alone launched myself. Weighing in at 1.3 kilotonnes and consisting of 300 parts (from 6.7 kilotonnes and 900 parts at launch), I still managed to launch it as one gigantic mass of boosters and KS25x4s to keep the otherwise towering costs down to just :funds:2M. It's currently parked in LKO, waiting for the transfer window to Dres to open up in about a year, where it will latch onto an asteroid to produce fuel, supplies and fertiliser from ore and rock to act as a resupply depot for vessels leaving the inner solar system to the outer planets of Jool and beyond. It is constructed almost entirely of USI parts, with the exceptions of the stock engines (that will let it reach Dres under its own power and be able to go asteroid-hopping as they are depleted), drills, fuel cells, klaws, ISRUs etc. as well as a few sneaky NFC trusses.

I think this station exemplifies how well all the USI mods work together-FTT provides the bridge, SAS and structure, Kontainers provides large-volume storage for the fuel, LS adds the cool hab ring and the opportunity to be a resupply station as well as a fuel depot, ART provides huge asteroids and a means of producing fertiliser in space, Konstruction adds a convenient rock storage unit (and a backup infinite rock cheesery, shhh). The point here is that all the USI mods together, not just MKS, can make KSP so much more fulfilling and give it so much more depth than most mods can even try to do, and all elements of the mods can be used outside of their own (potentially quite narrow) intended uses in all manner of unorthodox ways. So once again, thank you for committing your own time to creating a mod that will be a cornerstone of all my KSP playthroughs from here on out (unless I want to dip into KSP-RO, which is centred around Kerbalism).


P.S. @Wyzard Get v0.8.13 here.

P.P.S. The new button to toggle interfacing with PL is typoed, it is apparently a button to toggle "Planetary Warehous"

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@wile1411 - the ExtraTime is correct.  You get 1 exta Kerbal month, above and beyond the 7 hour default imparted by 1 crew slot (also noted in the summary).  What you are seeing upon launch and deploy is an additional 14 days being added due to crew capacity (before activation).  You can also see this in the VAB if you expand the module.  FYI, fixed the activation issue and flavor text for the next patch.

RE the two modules - The difference is the diff between a very large pop-tent, and a similar space kitted out with equipment and more comforts (like a hard-shell caravan).  The reason we have the alternate mini-hab is to provide something a lot smaller :)  

@Parmenio - I just tested this and had no issue doing maintenance... so please provide more detail.

@ms6107 @Fury1SOG - I have a fix for this, will be released later today once I can bundle in the next GC update at the same time.


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28 minutes ago, voicey99 said:

P.S. @Wyzard Get v0.8.13 here.

Thanks — I hadn't noticed that repo since it's not linked from the main USI page.  I thought Tools was developed in USI Core and copied from there into other repos, like Kontainers and ReactorPack are.  So it's actually developed in a separate repo and then copied into Core?

(Having the copies of the same components in multiple repos is pretty confusing, and makes it hard to figure out which is the "canonical" one for a particular component.  I'm surprised @RoverDude isn't using Git submodules to avoid the duplication.)

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6 minutes ago, Wyzard said:

Thanks — I hadn't noticed that repo since it's not linked from the main USI page.

I maintain the website and will add USITools (don't know why it wasn't on there) to it tomorrow (I'm at the Super Bowl!)

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2 minutes ago, RoverDude said:

It's also why I bundle Mini-AVC with USI Tools.  Since it is versioned separately it will always let you know if you are out of date :)

I have the full AVC installed, and it did tell me I was out of date, but AVC's Download button doesn't work in Linux (at least with Cinnamon desktop & Firefox), so when I get an AVC message about a USI mod, I just go to your main USI page to get the latest version.  That's why I was thrown off by Tools not being on that page.

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