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[1.12.3] OMICRON - Flying Space Car - Release


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I believe it still works on KSP last release, you only will need to check the plugins dependencies for that. If Any one make it work, please, let me know, and the version you use.

Here to inform that we got 10k download from Curse site.

10k downloads (and more 2.5k from dropbox (orangedox))


49637081806_e1b6299b63_b.jpgScreen Shot 2020-03-08 at 20.32.50 by Rafael Valle, on Flickr

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On 9/21/2019 at 11:28 PM, CasualKerbal said:

Question,  is the landing gear motorized? 

Good question. I edited so many times, changed to KSP wheels and almost forget to change the power of motors.

It is, but i need to put more power to it, because like is right now, is to slow.

Next micro update. Will not take so long this time.

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Yep @Beetlecat. I was far from KSP for a long time, but almost a month ago, the joy come back. I'm playing, and then in the same day i restart to play, come back the will to evolve in the mod. So much stuff to do yet. And even got to relearn Code C# to functional Cockpit. already did the navball and attitude arrow working.

Now doing the rest of it. Will take some time, but i think you going to like it.


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Hey @Jebidiah kerman

Have you installed Firespiter Core DLL? It's needed for the animations yet.

In the future i gone reduce dependencies.

You can download on Ckan (Firespiter Core) or here:

https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/releases (but you only need the DLL from this link)

And please read the installation file, it have described all the dependencies and has it's links.

Omicron enjoyment will be so much better using all the suggested mods.

Good Flights!


For the next update, the cockpit panel (simulation, no textures yet):



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You and a bunch @Cdodders . But has nothing to do with it. ;)


So, manage to solve the puzzle that is digital numbers on mod.

Thanks to @Fengist and his good soul.

Here his marvelous share that i custom it on Omicron. Thank you Fengist!



Here how it is going. Normalized Altitude done.

Next the same for Speed, than Ap and Pe when in orbit condition, and the list go on.



Update 2:

Speed done.


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More Updates!

Speed and Altitude now finished, Apoapsis, Periapsis, vertical and horizontal speed indicators, will have a logarithmic analog vertical speed too soon.

Escape and atmosphere indication, vtol attitude control and vtol engines know use proprietary Omicron Mod, Comm, RCS and SAS done! Throttle done. Code for implementing all the stuff i'm using with other mods to inside Omicron mods evolving.

And so much more done. Still a lot to do yet, but will release soon partial update.

To do, battery, fuel, break, lights, gears, vtol on off, air/rocket indicators, etc...





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Yep @MoonstreamInSpace.

You need to install only the Dll from firespitter. You can find his Github using a simple google search with the keywords firespitter Dll Ksp.

Probably in the next update, but maybe in the other subsequent one, i will remove this dependency from it and incorporate the on Omicron Mod.

But for now, is just that way.

Good flights...




You only need the DLL in sub folder Firespitter/plugins

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