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[1.8.x] Kerbal Foundries -- Continued - Tracks, Wheels, and Gear


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1 hour ago, Shadowmage said:

One more nearly done, at least for this initial pass.  I'll likely go back over all of these textures a second time to make sure all the colors and settings are consistent, but it will be relatively fast compared to the initial setup work.

This is another of the landing legs modeled by @TiktaalikDreaming, with a slight change in color scheme to better line up with the rest of the re-textured parts.  Not entirely sure about the red text or ring on it, but giving it a try for now; easy enough to change this stuff around later.  This landing leg will also be getting the adjustable-deployment feature, where the vertical and horizontal extensions (black sections) will be independently controllable.



Very nice. The variable extension will be pretty handy I imagine.

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Slightly reworked the APU model to clean up the geometry (okay, its an entirely new model, built after the original).  Not sure if it will get the external case back or not; kind of like it bare like this.


Also, finished a rework on the last landing leg (config WIP, need to fix foot orientation), and managed to sneak in time to do the Skid as well (at least basic first pass on textures).


Work is still progressing nicely, might have an initial testing release available in a week or so.  Still have the ALG parts, four tracks (could be time consuming), and the Screw-Drive left to rework.

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16 hours ago, Svm420 said:


Any chance the skid could be retractable? Would love some KSPWheel supported skids to land a dynasoar on, but they need to be able to be retractable.

Unfortunately, not with the current model.  It is not modeled or rigged properly for any sort of deployment animation, and at this time I'm only doing texture reworks (and minimal model UV updates to facilitate those).

Not a bad idea for the future though...

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30 minutes ago, Star-Eagle said:

Is there any chance the ALG could be made to steer when the strut or wheel angle is changed from the default 0 degrees?

No, not without completely redoing the models, which is not currently scheduled.  The problem is that the models are not created in such a way so as to allow for steering to be adjusted when the strut is angled; to do so would require an additional set of transforms and meshes that allow independent rotation from the main strut of just the wheel and its braces.  These models are not mine, and I had no hand in their original creation; I only updated them to work in recent KSP versions.  If/when I redo those models it is a feature that I will certainly include; however no such rework is currently scheduled or planned in any form.

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Speaking of ALG parts -- they are next up for retexturing, starting with the -Large that I had already done prep work on.


Not sure on some of the details (all the tiny bolts on the panels), but trying new things out on these parts.  I'll likely tweak the edge damage and dust a bit, but otherwise fairly happy with the results so far.

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4 hours ago, Star-Eagle said:

wow, that looks great. I'm glad to see the black underside gone, that always seemed to stick out on stock or stock-a-like contraptions.

There is still some black on the underside.  Well, the entire pattern generally mimics the existing textures.  But I might be able to provide alternate texture sets, or even recolorable ones utilizing TU's recoloring features.  For now though I'm mostly just making sure all of the models will work in my new workflow, and ensuring that I have model source files available so that I might fix any model-related issues that are uncovered in the future.

On that note... some of the more recent work, in-game:

Panel lines/bolts don't look too bad at all.


And are pretty much invisible when you zoom out even a little bit thanks to MIP maps.  Parts actually look fairly clean at this level with most of the wear being nearly invisible.


Also over the weekend I reworked the Screw Drive, but was awaiting plugin fixes to the sided-model module before the textures could be used in game.  Fixes done, and parts are looking (and working) nice:





I also just remembered how useful the Screw-Drive is for any aquatic vehicles, as it produces thrust even when entirely submerged; actually works best that way :)   It also still works on land.  In fact, the only time it doesn't work is when it is flying.

Closing in on the last of the parts now.  Four tracks left to do, all of which have fairly simple geometry which should be easy to texture.  Though being tracks, they still need to have some skinned-mesh rigging done to them which is a bit time consuming.  Might have a testing release available late in the weekend or early next week, and aiming to have the initial releases of these updated models/textures available by next weekend if all goes as planned.

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Two more parts down; two left.  Apparently I had both of these already unwrapped and rigged, so they just needed some minor cleanup to configs/etc.


Apparently the arrows/details are backwards on this one... but should be easy enough to fix up.



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Last two parts done for initial pass -- Surface Track and Tiny Track:



Next I'll be taking some time to go over config parameters and clean stuff up a bit, making sure at least the functional portion of the configs is done (not touching balance yet).  After that I'll be doing a cleanup pass over the texture sets, mostly cleaning up AO or other baking issues.  Next pass will be doing color and consistency checks on everything and determining the base texture resolution for each part, re-exporting the 'final' textures, and converting them all to DDS.  And then I'll be able to make a testing release available.

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Decided to go with a more stock-alike 'white' paint color.  The parts tend to blend in with stock stuff much better now...which was the whole point of the change :)

I've also changed out the yellow/black stripe scheme for white/red where applicable, and added red or white/red trim to a few new parts.




Only partway through the texture pass.  Basically ALG, repulsors, legs, and skid done at the moment....


30 minutes ago, Lego8_bit said:

Holy heck i have not been here a while but does this still work with the recent update to KSP or no?

Yes, at least it should.  There will be a new version in the next week that will not be backwards compatible, so if you are thinking of adding it to your games it might be best to wait until then.

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One step closer to being ready for a testing version; all parts have textures and working configs.  Shown at 100% / default scale, with two-view for most parts.



Have a few things to clean up in the plugin, so probably nothing today, but soon.

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Managed to get the two major plugin issues cleaned up (well, one plugin, one model), and have one plugin related feature left to implement -- loading of particle effects from AssetBundles. 

KF/KSPWheel now has four different uses for particles, and none of the stock particles are suitable for those specific uses.  So I am creating a method to be able to load particles created in the UnityEditor and built as AssetBundles into KSP.  Initially these will just be for use by the plugin for its internal effects, but I'm laying out the framework to be able to also insert these effects into the part's EFFECTS block so they can be used generically.

Hopefully I'll get it all wrapped up tonight and push out the initial testing version shortly after that.  Still a few things to do between testing and full releases, but I should be able to clean it all up in time for the weekend.

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Decided that the particle effects can wait for a bit.  There is more work needed in order to make it a functional system than I am willing to devote to it for the initial testing releases, but I can likely finish it up over the next few nights.

On that note -- the first test release is available:


Remove all old versions of KerbalFoundries entirely before installing this update.  Old craft and old save games will not be compatible.  You must install TexturesUnlimited (bundled in the download) in order for the models to have any textures;  use of OpenGL/DX11 is highly recommended, but optional.  See the link for downloads.

Please note that the new and old versions can mostly co-exist, there are only a few overlapping filenames that will conflict, but this use is unsupported beyond that cautionary note.

Also note that the old version will continue to function as well as it does now, and should continue to function in the future; you might need to manually keep your KSPWheel plugin up to date for newer KSP releases, but the old models and configs should still be functional and supported by the newer plugin.  So, if you want to continue using the older models and textures -- go for it.  They will likely not be seeing any further balance updates or changes, but they should continue to work.   Even after the new PBR stuff is made the 'official' release, I'll likely still link in the OP to a release of the older models/textures for those interested in them.

In the long run -- I do intend on having some sort of 'legacy' texture pack available for those who prefer the old textures/shaders.  The exact format is yet to be determined, but should be available no more than a few weeks after the testing period is finished.


Please report any issues you encounter with the packaging, configs, models, or textures.  I'll be keeping things in a testing phase for a few weeks while issues are sorted out and a balancing pass is done on everything.  I'll be posting more info on the balancing stuff once I get there (will def. need feedback).  Still a few things that are WIP (wheel and track tread textures need another pass over them), and lots and lots of config work to do for balance...

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Tank steering is activated in the KSPWheelMotor module.

Go ahead and patch your parts to activate it if you wish, but that feature does not fit with the intended use of those parts, so I will not be adding it to the default configuration of the parts.

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After update to the latest version (KerbalFoundries, if I use the "KF-RepulsorStandard" they shut down on the spot. Anyone else has this problem?

Edited by Kolago
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23 hours ago, Shadowmage said:

In the long run -- I do intend on having some sort of 'legacy' texture pack available for those who prefer the old textures/shaders.  The exact format is yet to be determined, but should be available no more than a few weeks after the testing period is finished.

I just want to say thanks on this.  I appreciate the intent of Textures Unlimited - but I dislike the look, and hate how it makes some parts nearly invisible even in direct sunlight.

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For a long time I've been wanting to get more 'lander' styled legs available in KF.  Yesterday I felt like working on something 'new'... so I finally did some real modeling on a landing leg that I've been trying to make for at least the last two years (I've done at least four other layouts for this same leg, but never got it fully working).  Wasn't originally planning on adding anything new to KF but it seems like a good home for this part at least.

1m x 1.5m x 0.35m when closed, and retracts into a nicely sealed radial mounted case.



Deploys out to give ~1m max (~0.5m nominal) of ground clearance from the bottom of the case.  Foot moves upward linearly with compression, with the pistons near the foot taking the compression and the top joint of the bottom leg portion also rotating slightly to maintain alignment.  Intended more for craft designs where lower ground clearance is acceptable, such as with side/radial mounted engine setups.  Currently it is not 'adjustable' like the other landing legs, but I'm working on rigging it to at least allow for a few degrees of adjustment to the upper/main leg angle.  Yes, it is loosely based on one of the NASA DRA Mars landers... bonus points if you know which one :) 


Model isn't done; probably about 75% though.  Still some geometry to clean up and a pair of pistons/lock-braces to rework; the majority of the model is in place and the rigging is functional, just needs some minor fixes here and there. 

Think that I want to do perhaps one more lander-style leg after this one is done, though I have no idea what the layout/rigging would be for it (ideas/suggestions?).


Going to try and sneak this one into this weekends' release.  If no other issues are reported with the PBR testing version, I'll likely do some fixes for what has been reported, and start in on the balance and cleanup pass.  Should likely be able to complete the balance pass in about a week, and after that will be the 'legacy texture bake/import' phase.

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@Shadowmage Hey, thank you... That landing leg is perfect for filling a niche that I have found sadly lacking for a long time.

I'm sure you are aware of these old things, but i have been using them forever as my favorite set of legs.

The problem with them (for me), is that they *are* big... and the only way to adjust them for ground clearnace is to slide them up or down the part they are attached to. Which means, lots of times, they overlap the joint of two stacked parts... or they hang ridiculously off the top or bottom face of the stacked part they are attached to.

Plus, when stowed, there is no "case", so, aesthetically, they can detract from overall look of a craft in some cases.

But anyway, just thought i would mention them, as in case you plans for a second set of legs like that latest, but designed for "moar" ground clearance, i for one would like to see something similar to these leggs of Alex's... Then maybe I could retire them as my favorite leggs, and go back to *solely* using KF ;)

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Thank you for keeping this awesome wheels mod alive.

Is it possible to untie the wheels textures from TexturesUnlimited? I personally don't need those shiny chrome textures on wheels. It also messes up the stock gold\silver foil textures.

Also, there's still a slight lagging issue when using the wheels on planes in flight.

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