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From Kerbol to New Eden


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So, i'm fiddling with USI kolonization tools and found myself thinking of colonizing new stars. proceeded to download 1.2.2 compatible star mods.

However, the journey cost and time is too damn high! So, i first downloaded Interstellar extended, to see it's many massive radiators, receivers and other things i propably wont use. I was interested in the Warp Drive. I also have Roverdude's warp drive mod. Still, i'd love to see more warp drive mods, as i plan on making big colonising crafts to conquer those new systems. 

Queue next issue: kerbal transport. As much as i love designing big ships, i realised that transporting kerbals to my ever-growing colonies is not an option all of the time. Money and logistics of such operations can be too much. So, if anyone could point me towards a mod that would allow my kerbal to multiply in numbers in their bases, (preferably compatible with CTT's "colonization" node in 1.2.2) i'd be greatful.


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