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[1.8.x] B9 Aerospace | Release 6.6.0 (Feb 5 2020)

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11 minutes ago, Erman Kerman said:

Ah, just as a couple of posts ago, you have an outdated version of ModuleManager.  You should remove it and install the latest (2.8.1).

This is also a reason why modding your Steam install is probably a bad idea - Steam will auto-update KSP and then mods will break.  You can copy the entire KSP folder (D:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\ in your case) out somewhere else and then install mods (nothing prevents this).

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2 hours ago, Erman Kerman said:

It has the mk2 mk1 parts not the ones that I want...

Are you sure you got both the main and legacy packs?

Either way, the issue will be revealed by your log.

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7 minutes ago, Erman Kerman said:

you mean take all the files out of the file that they are stored in?


Yes, everything that's currently in B9C should be directly in GameData.  You should end up with something that looks like this:

  • GameData/
    • B9_Aerospace/
    • B9_Aerospace_Legacy/
    • B9PartSwitch/
    • B9AnimationModules/
    • Firespitter/
    • JSI/
    • SmokeScreen/
    • ModuleManager_x.x.x.dll
    • ...etc (other mods)


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36 minutes ago, YauS said:

I wanna know is the TurboFan Engine mount point missing  in the mod?

It’s now integrated into the engine as a switchable option.  I did intend to add it back as a separate part for other uses but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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Hi, was reinstalling KSP on a new PC after a wee break from the game and CKAN doesn't show the B9 files.It took a while but I found that was because KSP is now on 1.3.1 and the Max KSP Version is 1.3.0 Could I still install them and be ok or should I wait until the Mod is updated and available through CKAN again?


Thanks in advance


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30 minutes ago, AntiMatter001 said:

sorry to be a pain in the retrograde here blowfish but my winglets don't appear to be...well... winglets. they don't have animations and when on runway don't move, or alierons don't move. will try reinstalling B9 and see if it works :)

I can look into it.  Can you file a bug report at Github so I don't forget?  Be sure to include logs!  A copy of GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache would also be helpful!

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