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[1.8.x] B9 Aerospace | Release 6.6.0 (Feb 5 2020)


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Would be absolutely neato to see D12 stuff integrated into B9 in someway. I've been doing some testing to see how broken things are and to see if it can be used standalone but I'm not holding my breath on it since not only is this old in terms of game version but given it's reliance on B9 I think things might've changed around in the core mod that this thing won't be able to reference such as the textures it shares with the existing B9 parts.

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52 minutes ago, Brainpop14 said:

Anyone tested this on 1.12.2 yet?

This mod is just parts. Expect it to work. But I think there are reports that the associated B9 Animation Modules plugin is broken so expect malfunctions with intakes and some engines if you have that installed.

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17 hours ago, Staticalliam7 said:

Why can't you bundle all of the dependencies to make it easier? just curious

It may be easier to install at first, but also a deathtrap of faulty installs. Whenever some of dependencies get updated there is danger that user will install older (and probably buged) version of depended mod if he does not check on it's own what was bundled in archive. And after that you have flooding in forum of bug reports that comes from such faulty installs. On the other hand, if you fail to install some dependency mod, you will quickly found that you are missing something.

Can't tell if it is a true reasaon why B9 is not shiped with all dependencies or not, but above is mostly true for bunch of other mods. Either way, you should know what you installing and how you install.


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So long as you get updated versions of all the dependencies, the B9 parts are just that, parts. With some exceptions, "simple rocket parts" like those found in all the B9 parts packs are not really broken very often by KSP getting updated. It's always the plugins that need to get updated.

And fortunately, I'm almost certain that all the plugins that the various B9 parts use are in fact updated to work with 1.12.x, meaning that they should all work just fine right now! Assuming you are playing the latest version of KSP (1.12 at this time), all you need to do to use these parts is make sure (double sure) that you download and install the most up-to-date version of all the plugins mentioned in the first post, and then download whichever portions of the B9 parts packs that you want to use (could be just B9, could be also B9 legacy, could be just the HX parts, IDK for sure but I think any combination of those is valid).

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