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[1.3] ControlHereAG [v1.0.2]

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Download: GitHub | Source

All bugs shall be submitted via the GitHub issues system (see Source link above). No logs, no support.


Adds an action group entry for "Control From Here" to docking ports and command capable parts.

Do note that if for some reason a part is both a docking port and a command module, the docking port will take priority.


1. !!!IMPORTANT!!! If going from KSP 1.2.2 to 1.3, delete the old Collide-o-Scope folder.

2. Install ModuleManager or use the provided version (may be out of date!)

3. Copy Squidsoft Collective into your KSP/GameData folder. Allow files to be overwritten if necessary. OS X Note: You will have to go one level deeper and copy/merge the folders inside Squidsoft Collective into your KSP/GameData/Squidsoft Collective folder.


1. Enable Advanced Tweakables for your save.
2. Add the new "Control From Here" action in the SPH or VAB just like any other action.


    IMPORTANT! Delete any past version from your game. Install this one fresh in KSP 1.3.
    Updated dependencies for KSP 1.3.
    Removed MiniAVC module. Version file remains. (Fixes #1)
    Added localization support. Support documentation and submission form planned.


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