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[1.12] KSP-RO - Realism Overhaul [16 May 2022]


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9 hours ago, Entropian said:

Helium is definitely used in pressure-fed engines and fuel tanks.  To change RCS fuel, use the configuration tab in the PAWRO doesn't come with a config for the inflatable heat shield, so you will either have to make your own or find and use somebody else's.  RO's max part temperature settings are in the RO config for each part, in my experience with configs.

Thanks so much! I' ve never thought where the pressure come from in the pressure fed fuel tanks and get new knowledge today.

But I'm still confused that RealFuels seems not to support this configuration. If I just try to remove Helium from pressure fed engines and tanks by configuration tab, when I want to make these engines available?

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19 hours ago, Toontoonizer said:

Hi all,

Wondering if someone can help:

1. Fresh KSP install - KSP version + both DLCs

2. RP-1 Express install from instructions in this thread using CKAN. Nothing else installed mod wise.

3. Start new sandbox game

4. Go into the aircraft hangar and there are no Mk.2 plane fuselages available or other Mk.2 parts apart from the Cockpits.

I've tried this with two fresh installs. The Mk.2 parts are there prior to installing RP-1 Express but disappear after it. Everything else seems to be in working order - is this a bug or just my install?

The express install from CKAN will hide all parts that do not have complete RP-1 configs. You can disable this behavior by deleting the RP-1Express.cfg file from the RP-1-ExpressInstall folder inside GameData.

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59 minutes ago, Arrowmaster said:

The express install from CKAN will hide all parts that do not have complete RP-1 configs. You can disable this behavior by deleting the RP-1Express.cfg file from the RP-1-ExpressInstall folder inside GameData.

Thank you! This did indeed resolve it. I'm not too interested in RP-1 at the moment but it seems the easiest way to install RO.

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  • 1 month later...

I just updated the FAR to the latest version (https://github.com/dkavolis/Ferram-Aerospace-Research/releases/tag/v0.16.1.0_Marangoni), I found out that the FAR analysis UI tool now is relying on the incorrect center of mass, however it is flying like usual. I noticed I might not be alone, a similar bug is filed against FAR here: https://github.com/dkavolis/Ferram-Aerospace-Research/issues/140

I am wondering whether this is the right place to report such issue and get it resolved.

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Hi all,

I have a fresh install - now on 1.12.3 - and have a 'problem' with real fuels.
Instead of showing only the unlocked tank types, I get to see all of them... it definetly only showed unlocked types in my previous 1.10.x install...

Any way for me to fix this? unfortunately i don't find an obvious line in the cfg's. but I'm also way to in-experienced with KSP cfgs.



THX for any help, or pointing finger to an article :)




Who knew?! There really is the one line of code to be changed! And i found it :D

// FILE: Kerbal Space Program\GameData\RP-0\RealFuelsSettings.cfg

	%previewAllLockedTypes = false

Changed true into false, and voila - exactly what I wanted

Edited by capsicum sp.
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  • 2 weeks later...

This is on a CKAN RP-1 ExpressInstall:

I created a patch to also have TU textures and shinyness on the avionics parts inside

It just adds a module SSTURecolorGUI and a cloned block of KSPTextureSwitch, in which I intuitively changed "transformName = sides" to "transformName = 25mRW" which works.

Please optimize and rount out the patch with more textureSets as you wish.

No pic, no click:

	%MODULE[SSTURecolorGUI] { }
		name = KSPTextureSwitch
		transformName = 25mRW
		sectionName = Sides
		currentTextureSet = Metal
		textureSet = Metal
		textureSet = Foil-Default
		textureSet = Metal-Default
		textureSet = Metal-Tricolor
		textureSet = Metal-Stripes
		textureSet = Metal-Stripes-Long
		textureSet = Metal-Stripes-Half
		textureSet = Metal-Stripes-Twisted
		textureSet = Metal-Checkers
		textureSet = Metal-Checkers2
		textureSet = Metal-Checkers-Double
		textureSet = Metal-Slats
		textureSet = Metal-Narrow
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy2
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy3
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy4
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy5
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy6
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy7
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy8
		textureSet = Metal-Fancy9
		textureSet = Metal-Able
		textureSet = Metal-Able-USAF
		textureSet = Metal-Agena
		textureSet = Metal-BlackArrow
		textureSet = Metal-BlackArrow2
		textureSet = Metal-Bumper
		textureSet = Metal-Corestar
		textureSet = Metal-DeltaIV
		textureSet = Metal-Europa
		textureSet = Metal-Hermes
		textureSet = Metal-Juno
		textureSet = Metal-Juno-L
		textureSet = Metal-LongMarch
		textureSet = Metal-LongMarch2
		textureSet = Metal-Mu
		textureSet = Metal-Redstone
		textureSet = Metal-Redstone-L
		textureSet = Metal-Redstone-USA
		textureSet = Metal-SLV
		textureSet = Metal-Skylab
		textureSet = Metal-ThorAble
		textureSet = Metal-Titan
		textureSet = Metal-Titan2
		textureSet = Metal-Vanguard



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How can I use Infernal Robotics Next with RP-1 (the Programs & Launch Complexes development version)? I replaced the default KJR with KJR Next, as is necessary to prevent conflicts, and installed Infernal Robotics Next, but the parts do not show up in game so I can only assume they are removed by RP-1. Is there a way to make them show up, or is the mod just not currently supported?

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这个 MOD 非常好,但随附的引擎太丑了。此外,不支持调整缩放。两个 MOD 都非常好,但我选择了后者,因为引擎真的很丑。我使用翻译应用程序与您交流。有时应用程序中会出现翻译错误。希望你能理解

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30 minutes ago, chankloong said:

这个 MOD 非常好,但随附的引擎太丑了。此外,不支持调整缩放。两个 MOD 都非常好,但我选择了后者,因为引擎真的很丑。我使用翻译应用程序与您交流。有时应用程序中会出现翻译错误。希望你能理解

“This MOD is very good, but the included engine is too ugly. In addition, adjusting scaling is not supported. Both MODs are very good, but I chose the latter because the engine is really ugly. I use the translation application to communicate with you. Sometimes translation errors occur in the application. I hope you understand.”

@chankloong please include an English translation for posts outside the international section.  Something like Google translate would suffice.   Even if there are errors, it’ll get you close enough.    

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People all over the world say that deepl.com is better than Google translate.







It seems there is a symbol for Google already.

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On 5/29/2018 at 1:11 AM, winged said:

I increased max temp values for Procedural Fairings so now they can work as a heatshield, at least for Mars landings:



Regarding landing gears I have RO/RP-0 configs for Adjustable Landing Gears which are now a part of Kerbal Foundries.

by any chance would you share the RP-0 configs?

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Why are the ProcAvi still spamming the log in flight with stuff like

[ProcAvi] RefreshDisplays() Controllable mass: 56, mass: 436.1kg cost: 511, Utilization: 28% 
(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35)

Is that still needed?
Those values do not change over thousands of lines and it's the ProcAvi of the payload (a satellite), rocket still burning the first stage in atmosphere.


After first stage cutoff and decoupling that log spamming stopped (at ~120 km altitude).


I even dare to claim that this is the main reason for low fps during launch.

see https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/issues/1829

Edited by Gordon Dry
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  • 3 weeks later...

Just saying that the latest update of ROKerbalism not only adds what the changelog says but changes all .cfg files' encoding from "Unix (LF) UTF-8" to "Windows (CR LF) UTF-8" which makes a file synchronization software show all files as different, even as only those 2 files have been changed:

  •  GameData/KerbalismConfig/Support/ROCapsules.cfg
  • GameData/KerbalismConfig/System/Parts.cfg
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