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Why is a share craft mechanic not on Ps4?

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I have seen some people make awesome creations on Ps4. From bizarre looking planes to actual trucks that drive. My one question is, why can't we share our creations within the community? Maybe we can and I just missed something but I don't see why Squad can't add this to an update later on to KSP on Ps4. This would allow everyone to use eachother's creations. I don't see the harm in that. Hopefully I can hear back from someone at Squad soon.

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It's not on PC either, at least in the game itself. We have KerbalX which allows to share .craft files, but that's the work of a modder (Katateochi) , not Squad.

Being able to share crafts in the game seems like a basic thing to do in the game overall, even on PC where you can download separate files. Why this (and a lot of equally basic stuff) isn't on console is beyond my logic.

Anyway, since Squad changed the company with whom they work on the console ports for 1.2, they maybe will make things better. Even though it's not on any known roadmap wait, there is no roadmap at all; so not ever mentioned by the devs AFAIK.

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It's not in the current console version because the porting company did the bare minimum of work necessary. Suggesting it for addition is a nice idea though. On the other hand, consider that any such craft sharing system would require both a server infrastructure and also moderation. If craft sharing is a one-click in-game process then people will upload genitalia, swastikas, and other such things that really neither Sony nor Squad would want to ignore. Now that can be addressed but it means it's more involved than just adding a game feature.

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