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Kerbals interactions, planetary bases, career...

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More "jobs" for Kerbals would be nice, we could have some procedurally generated objects, little different for each biome, on planets and few interactions with them... like study, break, take sample, put into goo container, push, pull, lift, carve Jeb face in stone etc etc.

Ability to eject from plane cockpits... with parachute of course :wink:

Add some Kerbal sized scanners, so we could search and study things, of course those should have finite batteries, not like helmet lights.

While in EVA we could have futuristic UI for Kerbal life signs heart beat, oxygen, maybe some damage report if you fell from really high. Something like Iron man style with partial transparency, so player would get a feeling he is inside helmet.

Planetary bases:
Add basic structure for base, single part with special ability to attach itself to planet surface. While base is attached it is unloaded from physics engine and every additional element that will dock to this base structure is also unloaded.


Current tech tree is... bad. IMO if we would get it super simple like experience points for Kerbals, but for every single part.
For example if we are using basic SRB points for more advanced SRBs are increasing for each mission, after few missions we would unlock tier 2 SRB and have few points on tier 3. Of course for each tier we would need more points.
Same with engines, tanks or wings, if you want more advanced wings you have to use planes and you have to take missions for atmospheric tasks.

If this ever happen we could have use of different frequencies in communication parts, so each player would have to allow other people to use his communication network or they would have to guess what frequencies he uses :wink:


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