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[Haulted Development] Canine's Planet Pack

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To start off,I'm new to the modding business,so therefore this is my first mod(for any game).
Thank you first of all for viewing this mod,
so this is what it is so far...
This is Cadon and Cara,Cadon is the big blue gas/ice giant hybrid,I'll get to that part in a moment...
Both of these only have solid colors so you can get the idea of what the finished product will look like.Cadon orbits Kerbol(The Sun) between Dres and Jool,making it and all of its future moons a good late-mid-game-ish kinda objective.Now for a little character building,Cadon once orbited a sun named Samson,and was the one of(if not the) farthest planet from its sun.Cadon was originaly an ice giant(just an ice giant),before Samson exploded destroying 90% of the celestial bodies it had,the rest were scattered and blown out into space,Cadon was one of them.Cadon was way out in space(most likely close to its apoapsis)when Samson exploded.Cadon has a dense atmosphere,and therefore absorbed and destroyed all of the debris,solar winds and radiation,Cara,however was not so fortunate.Cara was a big(ish) moon,and was composed mostly of iron,it was knocked around by all the space matter and its crust was ripped off,exposing its mantle,which froze over as it traveled with Cadon for thousands of years before getting caught in Kerbol orbit.The Mantle is the visible surface we see today.Kerbal astronomers dont have the slightest clue as to how Cadon ended up so close to Kerbol when it was captured.Back to the fact that Cadon is a hybrid,it might have shared orbit with another gas giant,or one was just caught in between Cadon and Samson,but this made Cadon a gas/ice mix,oh yeah,and it also turned its upper atmosphere a shade of green(this was done intentionally).Cadon will not be the only planet in this pack,nor will Cara be the only moon,but this is all I have A.T.M.I also understand all that wasn't very scientific,but hey,this is Kerbal Space Program.
I'm also accepting aid in making this pack,as I'm not a Kopernicus Jedi just yet,and will most likely need help with textures and ideas.Speaking of ideas,those would be very much appreciated.
I will keep every one up to date with more details as they amerge.
Another thing this mod pack will aim towards is adding celestial bodys(hopefully) that have similiar challenges like the ones you face with stock planets,like Eve's high gravity and dense atmosphere,or Gilly's odd orbit and extremely small SOI,or Eeloo's great distance,or Moho's strong-ish gravity and lack of atmoshpere.Nothing bugs me more than a good mod down the drain because of updates to the game breaking it and no one taking care of it,if I have anything to say about it that wont happen to this mod.This mod will also be compatible with(at least) the following mods: OPM,Cyran,Cerillion,Arkas,Asclepius,ExtraSolar,Interstellar Adventure Revived,Kerbal Galaxy Revamped Volume 2,KerbolOrgins,OtherWorlds,and StockPlanetExpansion.
Comments,Ideas,and Help are greatly appreciated.


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I will make this Planet pack compatible with KGR Volume 2, and will be more than happy to help with creating this pack with you. Very nice idea, and I think this could be a very interesting planet system to visit once complete.

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Thank you for your interest,and yes,I hope this will be interesting to visit.Thank you for making this compatible with KGR aswell.When I first started production on this mod I planned on making this planet part of a system,I do believe the sun will be green, and I'll work around the systems you have in KGR, as right now, I don't know exactly what I'm going to do yet.

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Two recommendations:

- Ask a moderator to have your thread moved over into the Add-on Development subforum. That's generally the place where mod development threads can be found.
- Remove the bighugegiant text at the start of the opening post and downsize the rest of the text. That will make things a lot more pleasant to read. :confused: I physically leaned away from the monitor in surprise when I clicked on this!

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@The CanineCraver Please scale down the text in the OP (normal 12 or 14 size is just right), and the warning/disclaimer needs to change or simply be removed. It's quite discouraging to a potential fanbase and is even offensive. No one is going to want to keep you in mind, let alone scroll down and get to the promises part after getting that literary smack to the face. :/ 

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This is some concept art I threw together, the One in the middle is Osan, meaning elements in swedish(I like using words translated to swedish as swedish words sound kinda Kerbal :wink:). The moons starting at the white moon going clockwise are: Lumi, Vesi, Korsi, and Palo.Lumi means* snow, Vesi means water, Korsi means grass, and Palo means fire.Osan will be be pink, with purple rings(I thought a pink planet would be interesting, as I dont see many pink planets in planet mods), and will be a big gas giant, orbiting somewhere(The location has yet to be determined).The big white looking thing on the right is a star that's sucking up another star's matter. feedback would be appreciated, and thank you for the suggestions sofar. 

*note: all names here are swedish.

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