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Your opinion on Dres.  

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  1. 1. Dres...

    • ...totally exists and I am not open to scientific proofs stating otherwise.
    • ...probably exists, but I am open for scientific results.
    • may or may not exist. I don't know.
    • ...does not exist unless there is scientific evidence for such a planet.
    • ...never existed, never will exist and currently does not exist.

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Dres ...

Does not exist.  Kerbin does not exist either.

Insofar as we suspend our belief that Kerbin does exist and play this awesome game, Please admit that every proof we have of Kerbin's existence also applies to Dres.

Click on it in map view...

I've never seen a mod that removes Dres, either.  Short of total conversations like Galileo pack and RSS.

It has more reason to exist than Sarnus and the ever-popular Outer Planets because Dres is present in a much higher percentage of games than Sarnus.

P.s.  This pole is slanted.  I need an option that says "Dres exists and science proves it."

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Best thread ever. :D


I'm looking forward to getting to the point in my career save where I can turn the Dres SOI into an asteroid-mining hub similar to how Ceres is in The Expanse.

On 2/3/2017 at 11:37 AM, DarkOwl57 said:

I think that Dres does exist, but I've never gone past the SOI of Kerbin so I've not been there (sorta like the irl NASA)

Are you suggesting NASA hasn't been to Dres either?...:sticktongue:

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Well, I have a ship on its way to a place marked on the system map as "Dres". When they arrive, I shall know for sure.

OTOH, if Dres doesn't exist, it's gonna be aaaawkward. They only have enough fuel to go *there* and not *back*; they have essentials for building a return ship out of local materials, but if there is no Dres, we'll have a problem.

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Dres probably exists. It's in all the solar system map views and whatnot. I think I've sent kerbals there a few times. Maybe it doesn't, if someone provides me with some scientific evidence, I'm open minded.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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19 hours ago, JadeOfMaar said:

I find Dres fascinating in a way because of that. But I never thought that far. Someone needs to do this. with alloftheUSImods.

On my way! :cool:


I don't have UKS though, so my operation isn't going to be quite as major.

Incidentally, has anyone done a mining challenge? Like a space-age gold rush to collect as much raw ore as possible from asteroids and bring it back to a station in LKO. Score based on ore units retrieved and time taken to do it (an ion ship that takes centuries could gather a lot of ore slowly, while a nuclear ship would be much faster).


19 hours ago, eloquentJane said:

It's interesting that the topic of Dres asteroids has come up with regards to colonizing the Kerbol system, because the Dresteroids do feature somewhat in my plans for my long-term career. Whilst it's not likely to be a huge operation, I will probably position an asteroid-mining spacecraft powered by highly-efficient engines in Dres orbit to mine ore, since it's more efficient that way than going to the surface. As such, one of the Dres stations will probably be a sort of pit stop for interplanetary spacecraft headed to places beyond the orbit of Jool (meaning Keelon, Sarnus, Rega, and Eeloo). I'm not using the main series USI mods, but I am planning on putting bases just about everywhere.

I've adored that idea since when I installed OPM, but I've never gotten that far in a save, sadly.

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1 minute ago, nascarlaser1 said:

Why do people believe/want to believe that Dres does not exist?? The wiki says it does, Squad says it does, and Marcus house on YouTube says it does every time he visits it in his career gameplay, so why do we want it to not exist??

It's what those "Big Planet" corps want to sell you mate! RESIST, Wake up sheeple! 

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There are rumours that a former Kerbicrosoft director (he came from Eeloo(p)) was sent to manage Dres. Few yers later Kerbicrosoft bought Dres and announced that it will become a much better planet than anDunaroid and iPlock combined...

Everything went downhill from that point and people started to question Dres' existence after this epic failure.


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On 2/3/2017 at 11:30 PM, Bluegillbronco2 said:

Why is this an argument? Are people really saying that Dres does not exist? Just because you dont have the patience to and practice getting there does not mean it doesn't exist. How do you know its so boring if you have never been there?  I see a lot of people saying that "there is no reason to go there".... Do you NEAD a reason to do anything in KSP?Just go out and do it. For me just the fact that it exists is reason enough for me to explore it. Every planet/moon in KSP is beautiful in their own way. In a truly infinite universe there exists a solar system that is exactly the same as the Kerbol one. I am willing to bet that any of you would give alot up to be able to go there and explore it,  even Dres. So why no use this game to do it?

Why go to a place that just really looks and feels like the mün. Except it's farther away.

8 hours ago, swjr-swis said:

"Gravitato, ergo sum."

Dres does not care what we believe: it dimples spacetime, therefore it is (and the bigger the doubt, the more seriously it exerts its existence).

If that statement is true, Dres's gravity would pulse over time as people couldn't ignore it because its SoI would be so large, and then when we all think it exists, it would shrink and allow for Dres Doubting again.

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It exists. In my latest career game, I am building the infrastructure for a massive shipyard arounds Dres using Extraplanetary Launchpads. I can imagine Becoming the economic center of the Kerbol system, with giant starships rivaling the size of Gilly itself in orbit around it (or would Dres be orbiting it?). I have quite a bit of Dres coming up, considering I havn't even been there yet...

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