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Considering that some people appear to have issues with using the Google Docs spreadsheet format or are intimidated by it, I am considering adding a quick tutorial on how to use its filtering and sorting options to make using it easier for everybody. Anyone interested by such a thing?



This thread is a continuation of the Community Mods and Plugin Library which used to be a list containing a large number of mods ordered by category to help people finding new ones. Unfortunately, it was lost in early January 2017 along with several other mod release threads with no hope of recovery. This new thread will hopefully succeed in replacing the old one, and hopefully help users finding new mods.
Big big thanks to @CarnageINC who gave be a massive help when building the library and is personally responsible for referencing a great part of the mods in the library as well as maintaining the Add-on Development Mod Library, and kudos to @nismobg for the original thread from which I stole quite a few mods and ideas.


A few notes on the structure of the library:

  • The library is hosted on a GoogleDocs spreadsheet. This allows you to filter and sort mods how you like, to download the library to access it offline, removes the dependency on the forums software, makes my job of updating stuff easier, and most importantly allows someone else to continue maintaining the library should I die unexpectedly.
  • Mods are organised by categories. Things can and will evolve as more mods are added to make it easier to find mods.
  • Version compatibility is taken directly from the thread titles as I won't always have the time to check every single mod. Know that mods compatible with KSP 1.5 will generally be compatible with 1.5.1 (and so on for other versions).
    • A "+" next to the version number means that a more recent version of the mod is available either as a patch or has been integrated into another mod.
    • A "*" next to the version number means that the version displayed on the library is not the same as the version the mod is updated to, usually because the mod is compatible with later versions as is.
  • The modders cited are the owners of the release threads, not necessarily the creators or sole developers of a mod.

I am open to suggestions: if you feel that a mod is missing, that the categories could be improved, that a mod does not fit in its current category, or know that a mod is working or not with a given version, your participation is welcome as are any ideas to improve this list.





If you don't want to or cannot use the Google Docs spreadsheet, there is a .txt file containing all the mods in the library available at the link below. It is best viewed from an editor without automatic line-break. (It is hosted on Dropbox, if you cannot access it, I can send you the raw text via PM)
CMPL.TXT FILE (last updated 2018/11/18 YMD)

For mods that are not compatible with KSP 1.2 and later, see the Outdated Mods list in the post below.




Descriptions of the categories:

  • General Utility: Generally useful mods, here to improve your quality of life. A broad category.
  • Crew Utility: All things Kerbanauts, mods to move them around, to add new classes, to make EVAs more entertaining... are here.
  • Part Utility: Various small tweaks to KSP existing parts. A bit of everything in here.
  • VAB/SPH: Mods that make it easier to build your rockets or planes.
  • In-flight Utility: So that flying your missions becomes even more enjoyable. Manage your vessels, fly by moving your mouse, refuel...
  • In-flight Information: Real engineering takes a ton of numbers, so here you go: all the flight/atmospheric data you can ask for.
  • Autopilot: When doing dozens of gravity turn in a row becomes boring, or simply when you are tired to deal with the abomination that is stock SAS.
  • General Parts: Parts that don't really fit in the categories below. Various parts for various uses.
  • Themed Multi-Parts Pack: Install a few dozen parts at once! These generally come with complementary uses and uniform art style so you don't have to manage a ton of mods.
  • Drives, Engines and Tanks: Anything that makes your contraptions go (or crash, you decide). From basic engines to Hollywood-class absurdities, and tanks filled with explodey stuff that powers these.
  • Spacecraft and Station Parts: Stuff that goes and stays in space. Stations and the spacecraft to navigate from one another.
  • Spaceplanes and Aircraft Parts: Wings, jets, cargo bays, cockpits, propellers... Anything you'll need to dominate the atmosphere.
  • Ground and Naval Parts: The stuff that stays on the surface and looks up in envy to the majestic machines defeating gravity. Or that bolts through the hills or waves as fast as suspension (and terrain seams) will allow.
  • Weapons: Another Kerbal put its flag over that mountain, you want this mountain for yourself, if only you had more convincing arguments...
  • Replica Spacecraft and Launchers: Rockets and spacecraft that work in real life (or don't). Recreate your favorite missions using these mods.
  • Replica Parts: When you don't need the entire rocket but just an engine or so.
  • Bases and Resources: After a flag, plant a building into other planets. Dig holes, refine fuel, build a space centre and claim the entire planet as Kerbalkind's.
  • Alternative Stellar Systems: New places for new experiences. Rule of thumb: if Kerbin is not there anymore or if the Sun is not alone, it goes here.
  • Additional Planets: Add a few planets to the Kerbal solar system to push your interplanetary conquest even further. These mods leave Kerbin or the Sun where they are.
  • Planetary Structures: Cities and new space centres available for you to explore and exploit.
  • Career, Credits and Contract: Money money money. How to get money, how to spend money and how to get more money. New contracts for your space program to thrive and finally afford that gold-plated VAB.
  • Tech Tree: Reorganise the tech tree to make it more suitable to your play-style.
  • Science: New science experiments and instruments, and ways to manage it: unravel the mysteries of the Universe! (That sounds a bit cliché doesn't it?)
  • Life Support and Health: The more ways you can die, the funner it is! Look here to make your Kerbals addicted to the things we weak humans need to survive.
  • Realism: Mods that bring KSP one step closer to real life. New mechanics, new physics and new stuffs bringing more challenge to the game.
  • Visual Enhancements: Make KSP pretty (and tank your FPS at the same time). Clouds, lighting, terrain now give planets the grandeur they deserve.
  • Audio and Video: Various mods to make your audio and visual experience more enjoyable. These don't necessarily make the game prettier, but look here for crazy camera angles, incredible beeps, and just things that make KSP nicer to your senses.
  • Fashion: Flags and textures go here. Add patches for your missions, flags of your favorite country and new paint schemes for your craft.
  • IVA: These mods make internal view prettier, more immersive, more useful, and just overall better.
  • Framework: Mods that make mods work. You probably won't need these on their own but a lot of mods require them to function properly. Requirements are often packed with the mods that need them but find them here when they are not.
  • Modding Tools: These don't concern us lowly players but are made for the people working to make your game better. Mods that make modders work.
  • External Software: Here go the things that don't necessarily directly interact with KSP. Still very useful nonetheless!


To-do list:

  • Finish moving mods from the old library to the spreadsheet. DONE!
  • Rewrite the main topic to make the spreadsheet the main resource. DONE!
  • Update all mods on the spreadsheet to make sure I have all the 1.3 compatibilities down. DONE!
  • Add the mods that were released after I stopped adding them to the library. DONE!
  • Update the list to 1.5 as mods get updated. In progress, currently 395/1253 mods are updated to 1.5.x.
  • Move the Outdated section to the spreadsheet (not a priority).
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  • Mods in yellow are outdated mods that have had past releases but are currently being worked on, they will soon switch to green!
  • Mods in red are mods that have restrictive licences or no known licence, be careful if you wish to use assets from these. The licence will be indicated at the end of the description of the mod (ARR = All Rights Reserved). Not the same as the red tag in the updated mods section.
  • Mods in pink are mods whose development is known to be halted.
  • Mods in black are outdated and it is not known if an update is being made.



Mods that are not compatible with KSP 1.2.x and later versions are here, some of them are being worked on and will be compatible shortly. Use with caution. Please do not necro old threads asking for updates. Some mods located below are obsolete or newer versions or concepts of the mods may exist in the current mod section above.

Note: outdated doesn't mean broken; for obvious reasons of us not wanting (or being able) to test hundreds of mods, some of these may actually work fine in 1.2/1.3. If you know of one, please notify us so that we can move it to the Updated section.

Modding Tools: These tools are for assisting content creators in their projects.

  • [1.1.3] GOLF: Game Object Lister Fun!, by CliftonM - This mod lets you search for specific GameObjects, and includes a feature that allows you to destroy any GameObject of your choice.


VAB/SPH mods: Like to tinker in the VAB a lot?  These mods help players with their creations in the editor.

  • [1.1.2] Assembly Fuel Utility, by charliedrewitt - This is a simple mod for KSP which allows you to adjust the fuel levels in your fuel tanks in the SPH and VABARR
  • [0.25] Crash Dummies, by johnqevil - This mod adds the weight of a Kerbal to the Command Seat (as if a Kerbal was sitting in it) only in the VAB/SPH for COM purposes.
  • [0.90] Procedural Parts Extended, by Azimech - Ever wanted more shapes to choose from? Now you can! Introducing the ellipse!  Dropbox link
  • [1.1.0] StrutFinder, by kujuman - StrutFinder highlights all of the struts and fuel lines on your vessel in your VAB and SPHARR 
  • [0.90] Tweakable Parameters, by HoneyFox - This plugin will allow you to tweak parameters you want of parts in Editor mode and these tweaks will be saved into the .craft file. No License Visible


Crew Utility mods: Want to keep track of your Kerbal's achievements?  Need help recruiting new test subjects...uhhh....I mean Kerbonauts?

  • [1.1.2] EveryS a bad S, by Biff Space - If you prefer to see Kerbals grinning like maniacs rather than looking like their last hour has come, this mod will give all of them the BadS quality of Jeb and Val. 
  • [0.23] Name Replacer, by Gnonthgol - Simple plugin that replaces the names of the Kerbals applicants with names of real world space travellers.


Efficiency mods: Want a transfer window to another planet?  Need help finding a certain ship?  These mods help streamline your gaming experience.

  • [1.1.3] Kavionics, by Harrie - Record and load your flight profiles, making it easier to repeat launches. No License Visible
  • [1.1.3] MechVal, by DBowman - Take the guess work out of very low TWR interplanetary transfers. This mod will do variety of tedious node management.
  • [1.1.2] Switch Active Vessel, by avivey - When there are many ships in a crowded area, this mod helps selecting the right vessel by highlighting the new ship, and letting you jump there with a single click. Limited License
  • [0.25] Tracking Station Utils, by m4v - This plugin is about showing vessel's information in the tracking station.  Parts, resources and orbital perimeters.


In Game Utility mods: Look here for mods that make small changes to improve your 'quality of game experience'.

  • [0.90] Addon Controller, by Uzza - The basic idea is that you should not have to exit the game and change stuff in the GameData folder just because you want a different game experience.
  • [1.0.5] EVA OK!, by wrcsubers - EVA OK! is like automatic child locks for your space capsules, locking and unlocking the cockpit doors under certain circumstances automatically.
  • [1.1.2] FreeEVA, by taniwha - This is a simple plugin to allow control of KSP's automatic orientation of a Kerbal to always face away from the camera with the Kerbal's head pointed camera-up. External download link
  • [0.90] Kerbal RPN Calculator, by ridecar2 - A simple calculator to be used in KSP.
  • [1.0.5] Kerbal Timer, by silverfox8124 - This mod adds a stopwatch function. ARR
  • [1.1.x] KerbalGit, by kria - Tired of messing up missions and not being able to revert to a good point?  This is a simple plugin to version control the saves directory using Git.
  • [1.1.x] Kerbin Date Calendar Redux, by nuclearping - Adds a small calendar window to keep track of the date.
  • [0.90] KSP Tips, by TriggerAu - This plugin adds some popup tips to the KSC scene that can give newer players some ideas of useful tips and tricks.
  • [0.90] ProgCom - CPU Emulator, by SimplySimon - This mod adds a CPU emulator to the game which you can program with the assembly language that is described in the included manual.
  • [1.0.x] RocketWatch, by gkorgood - The plugin adds a window displaying the current Earth-Universe time just underneath the game's mission clock to the screen if the craft has a RocketWatch on-board.
  • [1.0.5] ScreenMessageHider, by MrHappyFace - ScreenMessageHider is a very simple mod that hides ScreenMessages that don't normally get hidden when pressing F2.


Part Utility mods: Looking for something to help you find or control your parts on your vessels?  You can find those mods right here.

  • [1.0.2] Automatic Landing Gear/Leg/Solar Panel, by Ekareya - This mod aims to add basic automation into standard parts such as landing gears, landing legs and solar panels. ARR
  • [0.90] DefaultThrottle, by Xaiier - This mod lets you change the default 50% throttle on launch to what YOU want!
  • [1.1.3] Idiot Lights, by Fengist - Idiot Lights are the solution to keeping track of your fuel status without having to watch a bunch of numbers. ARR
  • [0.23.5] Kerbal Anti-Lock Break System, by puzzler995 - The engineers at ShureStop Industries put their heads together and came up with the Anti-Lock Brake System!
  • [1.1.2] KSP Brake Toggle Mod, by _selfishPerson - The keyboard button assigned to brakes is not a toggle, it is on when you're pressing it, and otherwise it's off! This fixes that!  Mega download link
  • [1.0.5] N.A.N.A. Fairwell, by kimiko - Fairwell automatically deploys your (stock) fairing when reaching a specific altitude. ARR
  • [1.1.2] On Demand Fuel Cells, by Orum - ODFC is a plugin to simulate fuel cells in KSP, and do a better job of it than stock's use of a resource converter. 
  • [1.1.3] PWB Fuel Balancer - Revived, by Papa_Joe - This mod automatically moves fuel between tanks to return the Center of Mass to a preset position so your vessel is perfectly balanced.
  • [1.0.5] RoboBrakes, by wrcsubers - RoboBrakes allows for better braking control by automating braking systems during landing and offering more intuitive control during flight.
  • [1.0.2] Solar Panel Action Group!, by JoePatrick1 - Very simple plugin that saves you from having to manually add all your panels to an action group.
  • [1.0.x] Throttle Limited Action Groups, by iPeer - Simple mod allows players to assign levels of throttle limiting to an engine on their craft through the action groups. No License Visible


In-flight Information mods: Looking for a mod to make data/information access easier on your missions? Here you go.

  • [1.0.5] AeroGUI, by NathanKell - A small GUI that displays aero-related information. Now stock
  • [1.1.0] Electric Charge Meter, by Leemon1 - A visual meter that will show you how much electric charge you have remaining on your vessel. No License Visible
  • [1.1.2] Kerbal Optical Alignment System, by tg626 - Adds an optical sight and target to stock docking ports in KSP.
  • [0.23.5] Simple Trim Indicators, by dazoe - KSP plugin that adds indicators for current trim values.
  • [1.0.5] Thermometer, by rreeggkk - A simple plugin that will automatically add a part's temperature to its right click menu.  Now stock
  • [1.0.5] T.I.M. - Thrust Indication Module, by wrcsubers - T.I.M allows you to easily visualize your current thrust output and efficiency using the stock GUI.


Autopilot mods: Have trouble flying your rockets into orbit?  Keep crashing into the ground?  Here is a helping hand to assist you on your journeys.

  • [1.0.5] AutoRove, by Watano - A KSP Mod to give the Probodobodyne RoveMate the ability to move a landed vessel towards a target coordinate autonomously in the background


Career, Credits and Contract mods: For those who don't want to grind the same contracts or experiments over and over again and want something new for their space program.

  • [1.1.3] Contract Pack: Anomaly Survey, by nightingale - This is a Contract Pack that gives contracts to go search out the various Easter eggs that are included in KSP.
  • [0.90] Contract Pack: Banking, by Arachnidek - It's just a small contract pack that adds a bank to the game. The bank gives you money and after 2 weeks it takes it back with some interest. Dropbox download link
  • [1.1.3] Contract Pack: Mission Based R&D, by klefenz - The objective is to reduce the grind on career mode. I do this by nullifying the science points and making tech nodes unlockable by completing missions.
  • [0.25] Contract Science Remover, by DMagic - Ever wish contracts didn't give out any science? Anyone? Well, someone did, so this plugin removes all science from newly offered contracts.
  • [0.90] EvilCorp Kerbanomics, by johnqevil - Pay your Kerbals a fair wage, based on their years of experience!  Get periodic funding for not murdering your employees!
  • [0.25] Kerbal Adventures, by MenuOption - Kerbal Adventures is a mod that tells a story, the story of how an astronaut was lost, the missions to find him, and the story revolving around a discovery. No License Visible
  • [1.0.2] Kerbin Astrotech - CareerLite, by Tivec - This mod locks your funds to 99,999,999,999, allowing you to play science mode with contracts.
  • [0.25] Lost in Space, by Marclev - Interplanetary rescue missions, rescuing a Kerbal orbiting a body other than Kerbin, and Grand Tour Missions. Stock career mode has the same type of contracts available
  • [1.1.x] The K-Files, by severedsolo - Welcome to the K-Files! A set of story based missions for KSP. Follow Mulder and Scully Kerman as they become entangled in a government conspiracy!
  • [1.0.x] 5dim Military Contract Pack, by odin_spain - This adds in military contracts for BDArmory mods.


Science Related mods: Tired of putting the same old experiments on your probes or need help collecting science?  Look here for all things science related!

  • [1.0.1] KerbalScienceExchange, by SpaceTiger - This plugin allows you to sell your science points directly to the Kerbal academy (or the Kerbal military) or buy some for some funding. Now part of the KerboKatz utilities mod ARR
  • [1.0.5] NanoKube: Ultra Tiny Probes!, by Patrick Suddeth - This mod adds small probes and experiments for your tiny rockets.
  • [1.x.x] Probe Science config files, by Starwaster - Here's some configuration files to allow probe cores to do science. Dropbox download link
  • [1.0.5] Science! Mod, by ForumUser - This mod allows you to get more science on either "Science" Mode or "Career" Mode!
  • [1.1.2] TAL Radially Attached Experiment Data Storage Container Redux, by ndiver - This is the small but extremely useful mod created by Talisar TAL Radially Attached Experimental Data Storage Container.


Technology mods: Want to unlock a different tech tree for a change of pace? Here are a few to choose from.

  • [0.90] ADIOS Tech Tree, by Arachnidek - A variation of the tech tree.  Dropbox download link
  • [1.x.x] KTT - Kergarins Techtree, by Kergarin - This techtree starts with some parts to gain science Points from the launchpad and runway. Then you decide if you want to unlock rocket or plane parts first.


Themed Multi-Pack Parts mods: For those who want new parts but not a lot of mods to keep updated, try out these themed mods.


Spacecraft and Station Parts mods: Need parts for your exploration needs?  Look here to see if any catch your eye.

  • [1.1.2] Aerojet Kerbodyne, by blackheart612 - This is a Orion service module part mod that gives you 3 variants for different mission needs.
  • [1.1.3] Common Core Pods, by RaptorHunterMz - The Common Core Pod Program it's a effort to develop a modular capsule suitable to a wide range missions.
  • [.25.0] Crotchety Old Mod, by NathanKell - This mod was developed to support Crotchety Old Modders in our fulfillment of the Mars mission challenge in the Kerbin Cup.
  • [1.0.4] Generic Inline Cockpits, by nestor_d - A pack that includes eight inline cockpits of different sizes for Mk1, 2 and 3 shapes.
  • [1.1.2] GingerCorp Stockalike Station Hubs, by Starwaster - These are stylistically derived from the stock six port station hub. However, these two have three and six side ports instead of four.
  • [0.25] Hot Beverage Inc, by Ph34rb0t - A multi-stage rocket parts pack. No License Visible
  • [1.1.0] Kerbodyne Plus, by Bonus Eventus - This mod provides parts required for building very large interplanetary ships and stations. Mother (in DEV), will be the successor to this mod.
  • [x.x.x] K-P0110 - Apollo like crew module, by Ledenko - This mod is an alternative to the Mk1-2 crew module.  Dropbox download link
  • [1.0.2] One-Eye Industries, by OrbitusII - A fairly simple set of parts designed for use as a cargo/resupply craft.  Dropbox download link
  • [1.1.2] Phoenix Industries MAV-like Ascent Vehicle, by -ctn- - This 'The Martian' movie mod lets you grow your own potatoes...uhhh...I mean build your own stockalike MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle).
  • [0.16.x] Space 1999 Eagle, by RedSpar - Fly the famous 'Eagle' from 70\'s Sci-Fi series Space 1999 in the game Kerbal Space Program with this Eagle mod. No Licence Visible


Spaceplanes and Aircraft Parts mods: Want your Kerbals to feel the wind beneath their wings?  Feel the need for a SSTO?!?  These are the right mods for you.


Jump Drives, Engines and Tanks mods: Want bigger rockets? Smaller rockets? Moar boosters? Look no further.

  • [1.1.2] BWA-X ROMBUS Pack, by Lupinarius - This is a fair sized tank and engine parts pack with a wide variety of tank sizes.
  • [1.1.0] CA Nerva HT Engine, by akron - This is a simple small part, a late-game 2.5m Nuclear Engine.
  • [0.23] Cabana Corp. Research & Development, by BananaDealer - This is a ion engine/tank parts pack, also adding some functionalities to probes. Dropbox download link  No License Visible
  • [0.90] Clockwork's Spare Parts, by Clockwork_werewolf - The mod contains 5 fairly simple parts consisting of tanks and air ram. Dropbox download link  No License Visible
  • [1.0.2] Electrical Parts!, by touzenesmy - This is a small parts pack that focuses on batteries and electrical engines.  Dev Thread.
  • [1.0.2] HGR 1.875 m parts, by Orionkermin - Hello, welcome to Home Grown Rocket parts, a healthy alternative for your part needs. ARR 
    • Community fixes to update the mod to 1.2.x are here.
  • [1.1.3] Hyperengine Mod, by KSP Bro AE - A mod for a super-powerful engine, using seamlessly integrated North Pole UFO tech (some anti-gravity stuff to propel the LfO out faster).
  • [1.1.3] Ion-Hybrid Pack Revived!, by Carbonjvd - This a parts pack that takes the all parts of the venerable Ion Hybrid Electric Pack.
  • [1.1.2] Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul, by blackheart612 - This mod is remaking vanilla launchers for a modern twist.  Parts based on their real life counterparts with KSP theme (stockalike).
  • [0.25] Kerbal Warp Drive!, by Jay2645 - This is a warp drive mod integrated into a procedural star system mod?
  • [1.1.3] NicheParts - Real Engine Pack, by MockingBird - A small-ish parts pack which adds some real life engines and RCS parts.
  • [1.1.2] Radial Engine for spacecraft, by Kevin4D - This adds 3 futuristic looking radial engines for your large spacecraft/SSTO to land VTOL style.
  • [0.25] Raptor AeroEspacial Lander Module, by RaptorHunterMz - Landing module with retrograde rockets, ideal landing for anywhere.
  • [1.1.x] Space Shuttle Engines, by sarbian - Want to try your hand at space shuttles? This engine pack will help you out.
  • [0.90] StarShine Industries: Extendable Engine - Vinci!, by ganinian - This is an engine pack with extendable engine nozzles. Dropbox download link
  • [0.90] The Modular Booster System, by Starwhip - MBS gives you different nozzles and several sizes of fuel segments. Dropbox link  No License Visible
  • [1.1.3] Yet another EM drive, by Sharpy -  No external dependencies, no-frills thingy that is more of a curiosity than a game-changer.
  • [1.0.5] ZPE Propulsion System, by GagaX - This is standalone expansion to Rusty Star Rockets mod. It adds parts for new propulsion system: ZPE (Zero Point Energy) propulsion system.


Ground and Naval Parts mods: Do you want to go on a Sunday drive with your Kerbals?  Do your Kerbals need a yacht to sail on?  Maybe these will help.

  • [1.0.5] Big Ships, by Azimech - This is a small mod in terms of memory requirement because it uses three custom models and one custom texture. The parts list is huge though, this gives plenty flexibility.
  • [x.x.x] Bobcat DEMV Mark 4 rover, by Raptor22 - Older Bobcat rover model. Dropbox download link  Limited License
  • [x.x.x] Bobcat DEMV Mk5 rover, by Raptor22 - Older Bobcat rover model. Dropbox download link  Limited License
  • [1.0.2] Exploration Rover System by ASET, by alexustas - Modular rover parts pack in development.
  • [1.1.2] Phoenix Industries ARES Rover, by -ctn- This is a manned rover, based off of the design in The Martian! Now you can re-create your own missions to Duna.
  • [1.1.0] Racing Wheels, by Adarsh - A small part pack for racing wheels. 
  • [0.23] RollKage, by angusmcbeth - A small parts pack with 2 rigid roll cages and motors for KSP. Dropbox download link  No License Visible
  • [1.1.2] Rovers & Roadsters, by AlphaAsh - This pack is a collection of new parts for rovers and other ground vehicles and includes combustion engine technologies. ARR
  • [1.1.2] Stock Launch Pad, by sciencepanda - This mod adds a series of parts to build a custom launch pad and launch tower to fit any stock rocket. ARR
  • [1.1.0] Sunshine Rover, by kccda -   This pack includes: Sunshine car body and TR-2PL wheel. ARR
  • [1.1.0] WW2 Warships, by Azimech - WW2W now has a 100% compatible sister mod: Big Ships! It lets you create commercial vessels and docks in real size and mass.


General Part mods: Looking for a particular part to meet that particular need?  Look through these mods to find that special part you need.

  • [1.0.4] Animated Decouplers, by DennyTX - This is an extension for moduleDecouple. But unlike of AD it just adds possibility to play animation BEFORE decoupling.
  • [1.1.2] Antennas - Additional Antennas, by DTPhantom - This mod adds six new antennas to the game that are compatible with both Remote Tech and Telemachus.
  • [1.x.x] Axial Aerospace Cargo Bays, by artwhaley - A 1.25m cargo bay, a 2.5m cargo bay and a low-profile junior sized docking port that can go on the mid-bay attachment nodes without hanging through the hull.
  • [1.0.5] Custom Clusters, by Randazzo - In addition to their mount capabilities, all engines are surface attachable to facilitate cluster construction. There are 4 adapters, all with built-in interstage fairings
  • [x.x.x] DROMOMAN, by nothke - This is a parts mod to create robotic arms, IR compatible.  Dropbox download link
  • [1.0.5] Dusk RTG, by scullyl - This mod simply adds an advanced radiothermal generator. ARR
  • [1.1.2] GingerCorp Stockalike Station Hubs, by Starwaster - These are stylistically derived from the stock six port station hub. However, these two have three and six side ports instead of four.
  • [1.1.x] KSPX - Kerbal Stock Part Expansion, by stupid_chris - This is large part mod that a wide variety of parts of similar nature to stock counterparts. Limited License
  • [1.0.5] KerbolBattles Parts Pack, by SuicidalInsanity - This adds Kerbalized parts from StarWars to KSP. Currently features a small selection of cockpits, engines and structural parts.
  • [0.90] Lander Parts Pack for Mk1/Mk2 Cans, by -ctn- - A parts pack to create Apollo stylized Lunar Module. 
  • [0.25] MEPS - Multipurpose Express Pallet System, by Thiagobs - This is a simple mod that adds a pallet for your SSTO's or space shuttles to carry science or equipment to orbit. Dropbox download link
  • [0.24.2] Modular Computer Package, by CSVoltage - The ultimate in mod integration for small vessels. Allows for "chips" to be attached that can have any number of gadget modules from other mods. Dropbox download link
  • [1.1.2] Okram Industries Fuel Cells, by 'Orum - This mod lets you generate electricity using a variety of different fuels. Limited License
  • [1.1.0] ORIGAMI foldable antenna dishes, by IGNOBIL - Foldable radial mounted Antennas to complement RemoteTech's needs.
  • [1.1.0] PanzerLabs AeroSpace K-Sat Series, by JohnnyPanzer - This mod provides a new line of probe models called the K-Sat series, with integrated power (storage and generation) as well as built in antennas.
  • [1.0.5] Radial Heat Shields, by CliftonM - This mod appears to be working on heat shields of different shapes you can mount radial on your vessels.
  • [1.1.x] PG CubeSat, by PolygonGaming - Hey, you need Mini satellites? You want something cube shaped? Here is the Solution!
  • [1.0.x] RKE Kanadarm, by spudbean - A set of Canadarm2 look-alike parts, for building your own robotic arms. Includes rotating joints, latching end effector and grapple fixture.
  • [1.0.5] ShadowWorks - Stockalike STS and More, by TheShadow1138 - This is a parts pack that adds a stock alike version of the SLS in 5m size, with space shuttle and Orion parts included.
  • [1.1.0] Spacetackle's K.I.E. Fighter, by spacetackle - Now you can build StarWars Imperial TIE Fighters for your own mischievous deeds.
  • [1.0.4] Stock Hull Section Parts, by PortalGunner Jeb's clumsiness created some cargo bays with broken hinges. Verner Von Kerman took these broken parts and created hollow hull sections! Dropbox download link
  • [0.24.2] Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace, by Taverius - This pack brings stock spaceplane parts (and those from a few mods) into line with the balance from B9 Aerospace. Bitbucket download link
  • [1.0.0] TurboNisuReloaded, by a_gun - All 15 parts TurboNisu created have had all of their properties balanced in line with stock KSP, including cost, mass strength and fuel capacity. Dropbox download link
  • [1.1.3] Zero Point Inline Fairings, by NecroBones - This is an inline fairing part mod.
  • [0.25] 5 Point Hub + 4 Point Hub, by RaptorHunterMz - A hub parts pack with 2 unique hubs with windows.  Google Drive download link


Weapon mods: For when your Kerbals need to use some heavy firepower to blow up the KSC.

  • [1.1.3] BD Railgun, by KSP Bro AE - A simple BD add-on with a powerful railgun. Here is a link to a wiki page on rail guns. ARR
  • [1.0.5] Combat Damage and Weapons Mod, by InfiniteDice - A mod enhancing the combat system added by other mods, and adding combat damage. Pastebin download link
  • [1.1.3] Starfire Laser pack, by KSP Bro AE - A new mod that features two lasers, one of them in the microwave spectrum, and a way to target them.
  • [1.0.5] Tbone's XAGM, by Tbone2142 - The XAGM is designed as a top-attack GPS guided Air-to-Ground Missile.


Construction mods: Want to build stuff outside of the VAB or SPH?  These  are the mods to get the job done!

  • [1.1.3] Kerbal Construction Time, by magico13 - This mod is designed to make vessels take time to build rather than being able to constantly launch new vessels one after another.


Replica Spacecraft and Launcher mods: Because reproducing Vostok 1 without these conical boosters isn't really reproducing. Mods that bring real rockets to KSP are located here.

  • [1.0.5] Apollo, by DennyTX - This is a comprehensive replica mod of the complete Apollo project.
  • [1.0.5] Chinese Chang'e 3 Lunar Lander & Yutu Rover, by 54znzn - parts of the China's lunar lander Chang'e 3 (嫦娥三号) and its exploring rover Yutu (玉兔).
  • [0.23.5] Chinese LongMarch 3C, by simonArtisan - This pack contains a replica of the famous Chinese launching vehicle Long March 3B (or Changzheng 3B,CZ-3B).
  • [1.1.3] Chinese TianGong Science Space Station, by 54znzn - A part pack for the Chinese Space Station.
  • [1.1.3] Energia project, by DECQ - This adds in the Soviet Energia booster system for the Soviet Buran Space Shuttle. ARR
  • [1.x.x] Falcon 9, by DECQ - This addon adds a detail to create the Falcon 9 rocket. Dropbox download link ARR
  • [1.1.0] SATURN V, by DECQ - This is a mod the is a close replica of the classic Saturn V. ARR


Replica Parts mods: Need a few real world parts for your Space Shuttle or Apollo CSM?  See if we have what you need.

  • [1.1.x] Canadarm, by Jeast - This is the Space Shuttle Canadarm.
  • [1.1.2] Kerbin Rover Off road vehicle, by TiktaalikDreaming - A small Jeep replica for your Kerbals to drive around in.
  • [0.24.2] Munar Rover Wheel, by keenguitar - replica of a wheel from Apollo Moon rover. Limited License
  • [0.25] NASA Adaptable, Deployable, Entry Placement Technology, by DennyTX - The ADEPT concept is a mechanically deployable semi-rigid aeroshell entry system.
  • [0.21.x] Rocketdyne F1 Liquid Engine, by 1096bimu - A 1:1 replica of the F-1 engines used on the Saturn V moon rockets. It has the same realistic size, weight thrust and ISP and probably a bit OP for Kerbals.


Star System Pack mods: These packs are literally out of this world. Venture forth to these new and exotic stars to discover their secrets.

  • [1.0.5] Gemeni, by daniel l. - This mod adds a binary sibling to Kerbin (Hence the name Gemeni). The planet's name is Kerbanon, It is a barren desert, suitable for colonization.
  • [1.0.5] Harder Solar Sytem, by stevehead - Harder Solar System is a step up in difficulty from the stock system.
  • [1.1.2] imkSushi's renaming the Sun to Kerbol, by imkSushi - This mod renames the Sun to Kerbol, it also changes descriptions to say Kerbol, and not the Sun.
  • [1.1.3] Kepsilon Keridani System, by electricpants - This mod adds an Epsilon Eridani analogue and 2 gas giants, one of which has 3 moons.
  • [1.1.3] KScale2, by Paul Kingtiger - It doubles the size of planets/moons and their orbits, but keeps everything else stock. This makes a more challenging game with a stock feel.
  • [1.1.x] KScale64, by Paul Kingtiger - KScale64 is a rescale mod using Kopernicus. It multiplies the Radius of Planets and moons, and their orbits by 6.4 times.
  • [1.1.3] Kumar's Dwarf Stars, by ProtoJeb21 - KDS is a pack that will add 6 dwarf stars around the Kerbol system, ranging from spectral types Y5V to M0V.
  • [1.1.0] LibraCORE, by ThiccRocketScientist - This is a core mod for follow on planet pack mods to come.
  • [1.1.3] Lost Twins, by electricpants - This mod adds a brown dwarf, 4 planets and 2 moons.
  • [1.1.3] Realistic Remodel, by WillThe84th - Realistic Remodel is a Kopernicus Mod that makes the Kerbal solar system more like the real solar System.
  • [1.0.5] Sido's Urania System, by Sido - This is a new star system with 7 new planets 8 moons. Dropbox download link
  • [1.0.5] SmallSolarSystem, by Niemand303 - This is based off the real solar system.  All bodies size reduced to 1/10th.
  • [1.1.3] Starfox Lylat System, by rough93 - The Lylat Planet Pack adds in all core planets of the Lylat system from the Starfox game series.
  • [1.0.5] Toy Solar System, by GregroxMun - Toy Solar System is a mod that makes all of the planets 1/10 scale. It makes everything adorable and easy and can be a fun distraction! No License Visible
  • [0.90] Working Multiple Star Systems, by Duracelle -  this mod adds two more stars with their own planetary systems to the game, and a black hole!
  • [1.1.3] Valran Add-on, by electricpants - This is suppose to be an Add-on for Kurmar's Dwarf Stars, adds in a brown drawf, a planet and moon.
  • [1.0.5] Zaywa Solar System Pack, by destra9 - A binary solar system pack. ARR
  • [1.1.2] 2KAS-J0523 Planetary System, by electricpants - This mod adds a resident analogue for 2MASS J0523-1403, 2 planets and 1 dwarf planet orbiting it.
  • [1.1.3] 4x Kerbol system + clouds + OPM, by Angorek - It is a simple pack that makes stock planets and their orbits 4 times bigger. Outer Planets Mod compatible.


Planet Pack mods: If you're tired of going to Jool over and over again, these mods are happy to provide new lands to explore

  • [1.1.2] Dres Plus, by WillThe84th - This mod aims to make Dres more exciting and fun. Dres is resized, has rings added and 3 moons.
  • [1.1.0] EveBiomesPlus, by Snark - This mod adds several new biomes to Eve and adds many science descriptions to new and existing biomes.
  • [0.23] Hercules, Titan and Hypatos PlanetFactory Mod, by Yaeah - 3 planets creating under Planet factory Creator edition. Dropbox link  No License Visible
  • [1.1.3] InterKalactic, by Clockwork13 - This Kopernicus planet pack puts all of the old KSP bodies into new locations, plus adds 2 new ones.
  • [1.0.4] Jungis Planet Pack, by ibuckshot5 -  This adds only one planet but a lot of moon to the stock KSP system.
  • [1.1.x] Jupiter System Release, by EricG50 - A "Jupiter System" mod pack. Dropbox download link AAR
  • [1.0.0] Kerbal Minor Bodies, by drswagboss - Adds 5 New Bodies Beyond the Orbit of Eeloo
  • [1.0.5] Kerbol Plus Remade, by KillAshley - Kerbol Plus adds in 6 new planets and 6 moons for players to discover. ARR
  • [1.1.3] Kerbol Expanded Bodies, by Andem - This mods aims to add an assortment of brightly colored rocks to the outer solar system, the near-vacant space between Duna and Jool, and adding moons to certain bodies!
  • [1.1.0] Little Green Men from Mars, by GregroxMun - This is a take on the classic story from Orson Wells story.  Except Kerbals are the Martians!
  • [1.1.3] Odysseus Planet Pack, by Kepler68 - This planet pack Adds 2 gas planets, 4 moons and 2 asteroids between Duna and Dres.
  • [1.1.2] Real Solar System Expanded, by ImkSushi - This mod is the continuation of Pozine's RSS Planets & Moons Expanded Mod. It adds more stuff to RSS.
  • [1.0.4] Sentar Expansion, by Borisbee - This is a remake of all the original PlanetFactory planets. It adds 1 gas giant, 8 planets, and 3 moons.
  • [1.1.3] Strangely Recognizable Eve Moons, by GregroxMun - These are totally procedural moons based on a work in progress Quick-Asteroid config.
  • [1.0.5] Walan Planet Pack, by Tynton - The Walan Planet Pack adds one planet, Walan, with four intriguing moons.


Planetary Structures mods: Tired of just the KSC and the island runway to go to?  Fill your world with bases to make it feel more real with these mods

  • [0.25] Kerbin Baja Racing for KerbTown, by InfiniteDice - This mod gives you; the Kerbin Baja dirt track and a plugin that keeps track of lap times, total race time and top speed attained during the race. Google Drive download link
  • [1.0.5] KSC Floodlight, by Divico - Adds 4 Floodlight Towers to the KSC Launchpad.
  • [1.0.5] Kosmodrome - Space Centre, by Divico - Kosmodrome - Space Centre has three Launch Pads, a Runway, a Heli/VTOL Pad and two additional spawn points on the runway.
  • [1.0.4] Race Kerbol, by Lyneira - Race Kerbol (the sun) in a series of scenarios from start to finish while trying to keep as close to the ground as possible to get a higher score!
  • [0.25] Rebar, by medsouz - The plugin allows you to globally modify the how buildings in KSP collapse. No License Visible
  • [1.1.0] TOP SECRET!, by Eskandare - This is a mod for Kerbal Konstructions that gives you more bases from which you can operate from.


Planetary/Atmospheric Visual mods: Want to make your planets look stunning beautiful? These mods will help.

  • [1.1.0] Andromeda Sunflares, by BlueSubstance - This addon replaces the stock sunflare with an Andromeda sunflare.
  • [x.x.x] Gas Giant Textures (4k Resolution), by Eudae55 - This is a Gas Giant texture collection. Mega download link
  • [1.1.x] GregroxMun's Jool Textures, by GregroxMun - A multi texture pack for Kopernicus that will make Jool look way better. Several color palettes to chose from.
  • [1.1.2] LaytheDragon's Sunflare(s), by LaytheDragon - A simplistic, sci-fi-themed sunflare, the Tripartite Rays sunflare may please your eyes with its triangular rays of radiation.
  • [1.1.2] Revamped Kerbol Atmospheres, by Cetera - This is an EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements and Scatterer configuration for use with GregroxMun's Revamped Stock Kerbol System mod.
  • [1.0.5] SkyToneMapper, by blackrat - Makes the stock sky prettier, removes banding effect. The difference isn't amazingly big but it still makes the sky more pleasant to the eye.


Gameplay mods: These mods are (quite literally) game changers. Look here for new game play possibilities.

  • [0.24.2] Achievements, by blizzy78 - This is a plugin that brings achievements to KSP. Right now, there are 136 achievements in the plugin that can be earned.
  • [1.1.0] AFBW (Joystick & Controller Mod), by nlight - Edit your control setup at any time during flight, no need to go back to the main menu to change bindings.
  • [1.x.x] CursorDeleter, by technicalfool - Presenting CursorDeleter, a really teeny modlet for resetting KSP's cursor back to whatever your default is.
  • [1.1.2] EmptyStages, by Agathorn - This is a dead simple mod, one line of code really, that simply tells KSP to NOT delete empty stages in the editor.
  • [1.1.3] Fourian Fuel Systems, by WillThe84th - This mod overhauls the fuel by replacing the generic Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer to three different fuel types modeled after real world fuels.
  • [1.1.2] imkSushi's Better Densities Mod, by imkSushi - This mod changes the surface gravity to match a match a more realistic planet density.
  • [0.90] Kerbal ISP Difficulty Scaler, by ferram4 - With Kerbal Isp Difficulty Scaler, you can change that by decreasing / increasing the Isps of all engines in your game.
  • [1.0.5] Kerbal RogueAI, by Overengineer1 - This mod randomly takes over any Mechjeb integrated vessels and randomly changes course.
  • [1.1.3] Kerbal Sport: Jebediah Kerman's Fishing Challenge, by nightingale -  Now you too can relax and catch some fish while you wait for the recovery team to come and pick you up from the other side of Kerbin.
  • [1.1.2] No Overheating, by Markelius - This mod is just a simple couple of Module Manager patches, which completely remove the core heat system on Drills and ISRUs.
  • [1.0.x] PlanetScrambler, by CelestialMechanic - This mod scrambles the stock Kerbol system ordering for new challenges and twists.
  • [0.23.5] Planitron Reloaded, by philotical - This mod lists all available Celestial Bodies and allows you to change Kerbin's environment (Gee/Atmo) to the values of the selected body.  Good for testing vehicles!
  • [1.1.3] Quodios Kerman's Mine-to-Earn, by Quodios Kerman - This mod adds new resource called "Iridium" that you can mine for money.
  • [0.25] The Colliders Strike Back, by ferram4 - This disables an optimization/improvement made early in KSP's history that disabled all intra-vessel part collisions.


Gameplay Parts mods: Looking to modify or add in parts to change your gaming experience?

  • [1.0.5] Blue Technologies, by silversliver - New parts for ISRU of various gasses, now mine Argon and Xenon from planetary surfaces or asteroids.
  • [1.1.3] Cloaking Device, by wasml - Vessels are partially visible against the near field while transitioning but are invisible (at zero opacity).
  • [0.21.1] Docking Strut, by JDP - This plugin enables you to strutify docked vessels to make more sturdy spacebuilt space stations and spacecraft.
  • [1.0.2] DunaDirect Atmospheric ISRU, by dunadirect - The stock Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer has an ISRU Sabatier reactor. This will convert liquid hydrogen and carbon dioxide into liquid fuel and oxidizer.
  • [1.1.0] Dynamic Texture Loader, by rbray89 - Without sacrificing parts or texture quality, this mod unloads and loads textures on the fly! Increase texture resolution to max again!
  • [1.0.0] Figaro Global Navigation Satellite System, by PakledHostage - Start adding the GPS receiver module to any part in your spacecraft and launch your own Global Navigation Satellite System constellation. 
  • [0.25] Fuel it all, by Clockwork_werewolf - This mod add fuel to parts that don't normally carry fuel such as nosecones.
  • [1.1.2] Gimbal and Alternators For All, by The_Sea_Four - This adds one degree of gimballing to all engines, in addition it also adds one electric charge per second alternators to all liquid fuel engines.
  • [1.1.x] Gimbal Trim, by sarbian - This is a module that is here to add the one missing feature of the stock gimbal: trim.
  • [0.90] Lazor System, by Romfarer - Lazor System is an advanced targeting and guidance system with a lot of functions bundled in subsystems which can be activated by placing coloured lasers on your vessel. ARR
  • [1.1.3] Multiports, by TheCardinal - This mod consists of two configuration files one of which combines the three stock docking ports into one port, so all ports are universal.
  • [0.90] NEAR, by ferram4 - Want a better aerodynamics model, but think that FAR is too much?
  • [1.1.0] Probe Low Power Mode, by JoePatrick1 - This mod adds the option to put your probes into low power mode. ARR Stock since 1.2
  • [1.0.5] Versatile Toolbox System, by Nazari1382 - This mod is to provide a modular system for resource containers and utility parts that can be transported on the back of a Kerbal and attached to specialized racks.
  • [1.0.5] Xenon Inductocatalyzer, by MrChumley - This adds a small XenonScoop "Inductocatalyzer" part, and Atmo resource, allows player to extract Xenon from atmospheric worlds.


Realism Gameplay mods: Want KSP to simulate real life better?  Need to change the level of difficulty from the stock KSP?

  • [1.1.3] JDiminishingRTG, by KwirkyJ - Realistic, configurable radioisotope decay!  A smarter, shinier, better radioisotope module, now with more heat.
  • [1.1.3] Kerbal Wind, by DaMichel - Implements wind and a continuous-gusts model for Ferram Aerospace Research. 
  • [1.0.5] KerbalMass, by *Aqua* - In stock KSP Kerbals who live inside a vessel don't add to the vehicle's mass.  KerbalMass changes that. Now every Kerbal boarded in a ship adds its mass to it.
  • [0.23.5] KerbQuake, by Sir Haxington - Adds camera shaking to IVA views. ARR
  • [1.1.2] Launch Clamp Fuel Pumping, by WillThe84th - Launch clamps pump (magically generate) 180 lf/s, 220 ox/s and 20 mp/s, which is enough for two launch clamps to fuel one Mammoth engine with ease.
  • [0.25] Orbit Manipulator Series, by HoneyFox - This series provide 3 features, a simple linear limited NBody implementation, atmospheric decay and warpable engines for ion thrusters. 
  • [0.23.5] Persistent Momentum, by cybutek - This mod allows for momentum to persist through time warp and game saves/loads.
  • [0.23] Runway PAPI array, by asarium - It adds working (but ugly) PAPI (Precision approach path indicator) arrays to the end of the runway at KSC to help you land.
  • [1.1.2] Year 2200 - A Nuclear Future, by MatterBeam -  This is a integrated mod that balances gameplay options with realistic accuracy and minimal set-up.


Life Support and Health mods: So that guilt is no longer the only consequence of leaving your Kerbals stranded on Eve.  Crank up the difficulty in your missions by adding in some of these mods!

  • [1.0.5] Asmi's ECLSS Mod Revived, by Shasol -  A more realistic life support mod. Limited License
  • [1.1.3] MunSeeker Mk1 Greenhouse TAC LS Add on, by munseeker - This is a greenhouse designed for TAC life support, based on the stock KSP cupola model.
  • [1.1.3] PSA Greenhouse for USI Life Support, by panarchist - The PSA greenhouse comes in 2 sizes - 2.5m and 3.75m.  The 2.5m greenhouse has the same mass and specs as the USI-LS greenhouse.
  • [1.1.3] SimpleLife, by MatterBeam -  This mod aims to integrate simple life support and Kerbal recruitment mechanics into the stock game. 
  • [1.1.3] Snack Parts By Whyren, by cain546 - This mod is a parts pack for Snack's.  Inline and radially attached snack containers for hauling extra snacks across space.


IVA mods: Want to try flying the whole mission from the cockpit?  Or do you just need a better interior for your crew to look at?  Find what you need below.

  • [1.1.3] B737 Mk3 Cockpit Interior, by DeputyLOL - This is an 737 IVA mod for Mk3 command pod. No License Visible
  • [1.1.0] Flight Systems Redux, by MOARdV - Flight Systems Redux contains additional IVA props from alexustas, and it includes IVAs for the FASA Gemini and Yarbrough Mk. 1-1 A2 command pods.
  • [0.23] Kerbal Space industries, by Hyomoto - This Multi-Function Display provides many quality of life improvements, its ultimate goal enabling IVA missions without map or HUD. Dropbox download link
  • [1.1.3] kOSPropMonitor, by dsonbill - kOS mod for your IVA monitors.
  • [1.x.x] KSA IVA Upgrade, by RangeMachine - This is a modification for stock IVA's. It provides ASET's ACLOR functionality for stock Mk1 pods.
  • [1.1.3] Mk1 Cockpit RPM Internals Now With ASET, by fast_de_la_speed - 2 internals for the Mk1, a standard RPM that adds 3 displays, and an ASET internal that crams almost all the instruments inside the cockpit.
  • [0.25] Mk2 Cockpit Internals, by Sam Hall - This mod replaces the stock internal scenery of C7s Mk1 inline cockpit (previously named the Mk2 cockpit), adding flight instruments and a view of the outside.
  • [1.1.3] Modified Mk22 IVA, by speedio - This is an IVA for the Mk22 cockpit made by BDynamics.
  • [1.1.3] RPM Enhanced Docking Ports, by Jmullin - This is a small MM patch that integrates JSI Radar and JSI External Camera from RPM into all of the stock docking ports.


Polished Parts mods: Eye-candy goes here!  Change your part textures to make them pop or change appearance in different environments.

  • [1.x.xBattleTech Aerospace Procedural Parts Textures, by Battledamaged10 - New textures for the Procedural Parts mod. ARR
  • [0.90] Black Tipped Nosecone, by PhaserArray - This mod adds a stock nosecone with a black tip.
  • [1.x.x] Furniture mod, by KHTRE - Here is a mod that gives your Kerbals some furniture for decoration of stations and ships. Mediafire download link
  • [1.1.0] Grandma's original Kartoffelkucken, by Kartoffelkuchen - Finally, every Kerbal can enjoy grand(ker)ma's original Kartoffelkuchen!
  • [0.24.2] GlowStrips, by Zarenor - Includes four varieties in different sizes and a new, thin, adaptive-length GlowStrip. This won't light up the parts around them. Google Drive download link
  • [0.20.0] Hakari's Hyperdimension Space Junk, by 1096bimu - Various parts such as flash light, stack of gold, captain America's shield... Google Drive download link No License Visible
  • [1.0.4] Jack-O' Lantern, by Porkjet - A glowing Jack-O'-Lantern. Comes in 3 sizes. Happy Halloween! Dropbox download link
  • [1.0.5] Kerbal Suitcases, by scullyl - This mod currently includes two lines of suitcases, the basic briefcases (hold 1 Kerbal each) and the XL Stacked Luggage Carriers (hold 3 kerbals each). ARR
  • [1.0.5] KSA Better Fairings, by RangeMachine - With this small mod you will get more clean fairings in two variants: white and black. Also contains a 5m fairing base.
  • [1.0.5] Mission Patches Vol.1, by lextacy - Introducing mission patches!!!  Plop these suckers on the side of your fairings or fuel tanks to show that you really care about your missions.
  • [1.x.x] Pro Props - Wearable items for your Kerbals, by Locob - KIS props for your Kerbals to wear. Dropbox download link
  • [1.1.x] Procedural Fairings Retexture, by gilbr0ther - Add new textures to procedural fairings using Stock and Ven's Revamp style!
  • [1.1.3] Retextured Communotron 88-88, by Sturmgeschutz - This modification adds a Communotron 88-88 with the white texture.
  • [1.0.5] Rusty Textures for Procedural Parts, by GagaX - This gives your rusty textures to make your vessels look like junk! 
  • [0.25] Small MechJeb touchscreen case, by blizzy78 - The part should behave just like the AR202 part, just with a different model. External download link
  • [0.23.5] Squad HD Re-texture Project, by blackheart612 - A HD texture pack for squad parts. Dropbox download link  No License Visible
  • [1.0.5] X-MAS by Lunatic Aeronautics, by ximrm - Spread Christmas joy over Kerbin with your very own Christmas sled and raindeer!
  • [1.x.x] 2015 SLS repaint for stock, by nothke - This pack is a repaint of stock parts.  Includes SRBs, tanks and adapters. GoogleDrive download link


Visual and Sound mods: Specially dedicated to make your visual and audio experience even better!

  • [1.0.x] Atmospheric Sound Enhancement, by pizzaoverhead - Adds the effects of the density, temperature and relative speed of the atmosphere to craft sounds.
  • [1.0.5] BlueHarvest ENB Series + GEM FX, by WAS - This mods contains the GEM-FX core for a brilliant new shader package, on top of SweetFX, and ENB Series. ARR
  • [1.0.4] Houston, by tcannonfodder - A Mission Control UI for the browser based mod Telemachus!
  • [1.1.3] JetSounds, by JeanTheDragon - Simply put, JetSounds is a sound replacement patch to replace stock jet engine sounds with that of their real life counterparts.
  • [1.0.0] KerbPaint, by Texel - KerbPaint is a shader replacement addon that adds alternate versions of all of KSP's builtin shaders designed to permit recoloring of select parts. No License Visible
  • [0.90] kTunes, by cwc - Adds buttons that emulate the media keys found on most keyboards, so it should 'just work' with any Windows media player.
  • [0.90] LEDJeb, by heaton84 - LEDJeb provides an interface for a physical LED readout based on MAX7219 display modules. No License Visible
  • [1.x.x] Maneuver Text Outline, by Fictitious1267 - This mod adds a black outline to text on maneuvers. This should make text much more readable when it overlaps bright spots like the sun.
  • [1.0.5] MovieTime, by bernierm - This mod changes the appearance of KSP in a few different way, from an old tube TV look to night vision.
  • [1.0.0] NyanCat, by godarklight - Want to create rainbows everywhere you go in your Kerbal skies?  This is the mod your looking for! Limited License
  • [1.0.x] Procedural Parts Textures/Procedural KW, by blackheart612 -  A texture pack multiple mods, including Procedural Parts and KW Rocketry. Dropbox download link
  • [1.0.5] Reflection Plugin Continued, by Starwaster - This updated version has some additional features and fixes that provide more control over reflective materials and non-realtime updating for performance increases.
  • [0.23] SweetFX Baleur, by Baleur - Very subtle contrast increase, dark is slightly darker and a fairly substantial saturation increase. Dropbox download link No License Visible
  • [1.1.3] Trackingstation Ambientlighting, by mhoram - This is a small mod that allows you to brighten the dark side of planets in the tracking station by editing the ambient light color via a config file.


External Software: This is helpful software that does stuff for KSP outside of the KSP game.

  • [1.1.3] CCP Custom Control Pad, by L.J. Silver - This allows you to launch your rockets using a tablet.
  • [0.21] GHud, by BGog42 - This plugin adds useful displays to the built-in screen on Logitech gaming keyboards.
  • [1.0.x] KeRD - Kerbal Remote Display, by Lokaltog - KeRD is a remote display for KSP that runs as a browser app, written to work with data provided by Telemachus.
  • [1.1.0] KSP Logitech RGB Control, by Kaeltis - Allows Kerbal Space Program to modify the lighting on your Logitech RGB Keyboard (only tested with the Logitech G910).
  • [1.1.3] KSP-PAO, by JOHNMKNIGHT - See the status of your mission from your browser, based on Telemachus
  • [1.1.3] Telemachus, by tcannonfodder - Telemachus allows you can connect to a telemetry source using your web browser, to obtain several visualisations to combine them for constructing your own mission control.
Edited by Gaarst
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Wouldn't it be better if you post it in the Mod Release area as it's where it used to belong?:P


Under Gameplay mods

Kerbalism, by ShotgunNinja, compatible with KSP 1.2.2 - Modifies stock signal and science, also adds background simulation, radiation, habitat, life support and makes parts breakdown randomly.

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6 minutes ago, MaxZhao said:

Wouldn't it be better if you post it in the Mod Release area as it's where it used to belong?:P


Under Gameplay mods

Kerbalism, by ShotgunNinja, compatible with KSP 1.2.2 - Modifies stock signal and science, also adds background simulation, radiation, habitat, life support and makes parts breakdown randomly.

I did hesitate for a while on where to put this as I didn't remember where the original thread was. I'll ask for it to be moved.

Also I just updated the thread by adding a few mods, and added Kerbalism. Thank you for your help!

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2 minutes ago, Gaarst said:

I did hesitate for a while on where to put this as I didn't remember where the original thread was. I'll ask for it to be moved.

Also I just updated the thread by adding a few mods, and added Kerbalism. Thank you for your help!


It'll be quite fast if you just have a look at CKAN, since it provides a short description of any mod included already~ If you haven't thought of it already, that is.:D


Very good work and thanks a lot for your effort btw!

Edited by MaxZhao
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6 minutes ago, MaxZhao said:

It'll be quite fast if you just have a look at CKAN, since it provides a short description of any mod included already~ If you haven't thought of it already, that is.:D

I have not thought of it already. I am not a CKAN user (I prefer to blame myself for mods installed incorrectly) but I'll definitely take a look at it, thanks!

(Also reminds me to add CKAN to the list)

Edited by Gaarst
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@Gaarst thanks for the new thread. I 've send a pm to @nismobg who did the old thread some days ago, he said somewhere that he have a backup of the thread, but he hasn't respond. Anyway good work.

Here is my contribution : (both in the "Utility mods")


Crew Light, by Li0n, compatible with KSP 1.2.2 - Automatize the toggling of lights on your vessels and kerbals, and more light related stuff.


Real Time Clock 2, by Li0n, compatible with KSP 1.2.2 - Add a real time clock to the game.


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1 minute ago, Li0n said:

@Gaarst thanks for the new thread. I 've send a pm to @nismobg who did the old thread some days ago, he said somewhere that he have a backup of the thread, but he hasn't respond. Anyway good work.

Here is my contribution : (both in the "Utility mods")


Thank you for contacting him. I actually wanted to at some point but didn't remember who was the author of the original thread :blush:

I'm adding your mods right now.

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17 hours ago, Gaarst said:

Thank you for contacting him. I actually wanted to at some point but didn't remember who was the author of the original thread :blush:

I'm adding your mods right now.



17 hours ago, Li0n said:

@Gaarst thanks for the new thread. I 've send a pm to @nismobg who did the old thread some days ago, he said somewhere that he have a backup of the thread, but he hasn't respond. Anyway good work.

Here is my contribution : (both in the "Utility mods")



In regards of the backup of the original thread, I've found it on google cache so you can take a look and nick a few mods, cache website here

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2 hours ago, MaxZhao said:


In regards of the backup of the original thread, I've found it on google cache so you can take a look and nick a few mods, cache website here

Thank you for this, I'll go through all these mods to see which ones are updated to add them.

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2 hours ago, Gaarst said:

Thank you for this, I'll go through all these mods to see which ones are updated to add them.

Please also add the one that aren't updated (yet), it would be useful to have all those link in one place. Older mod can help to develop new one and this may motive some moders to maintain forgotten mod too.

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37 minutes ago, Li0n said:

Please also add the one that aren't updated (yet), it would be useful to have all those link in one place. Older mod can help to develop new one and this may motive some moders to maintain forgotten mod too.

I'd like to focus on the active and updated ones for now. I'll add those who aren't later on.

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2 hours ago, Errol said:

I think it would be better to not have the lists hidden inside spoiler boxes, as I often like to be able to use ctrl + f to search the entire list...

Good point, but the list would be a real mess without spoilers. I'll try to see if I can remove them while keeping the whole thing readable.



EDIT: Removed the spoilers. Now all the mods are cramped up in lists, I find that boldfacing names improves readability but I'm not 100% convinced, I am open to ideas for that.

Edited by Gaarst
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13 hours ago, Gaarst said:

EDIT: Removed the spoilers. Now all the mods are cramped up in lists, I find that boldfacing names improves readability but I'm not 100% convinced, I am open to ideas for that.

Maybe write the mod's name in bold with a more visible color ? And use a bullet list ?

  • [1.2.2Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, by Nils277 - Adds several new parts for building bases on other planets, with a stockalike and "Kerbal" style.
  • [1.2.xPathfinder, by Angel-125 - Enables advanced base construction with resource mining and technological evolutions, and adds all the parts required.


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5 hours ago, Jindra12 said:

Hello I have downloaded most of mods and it still stuck at boot start up in kerbal with many parts.


When ever it will stop stuck at boot load? Someone please fix those mods to make sure it won't stuck at the boot start, please!

This a list of mods in order for people to find them more easily, it is in no way a working modlist to be used as is. I'm pretty sure half of these mods are incompatible with each other.


15 hours ago, Li0n said:

Maybe write the mod's name in bold with a more visible color ? And use a bullet list ?


I have the bullet list already, and the mod names are blue because of the links. Boldfacing them and adding more shiny colours would just make the thing even messier.

Edited by Gaarst
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On 05/02/2017 at 7:10 PM, Li0n said:

Please also add the one that aren't updated (yet), it would be useful to have all those link in one place. Older mod can help to develop new one and this may motive some moders to maintain forgotten mod too.

I've thought about it, and while stealing all the mods from the previous thread, I've noticed that a lot of them, that were pretty big and well-known, are outdated. When this list reaches a stable state, I might consider opening a new list of deprecated mods, to motivate new modders (or old ones) to take on these mods. Of course someone else can do it first (I promise I won't patent the idea).

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1 hour ago, MaxZhao said:

I think the soundtrack editor mod is discontinued since 1.x.x and is broken for 1.2.0?

Thank you for making me notice (don't really know what I saw when writing this one down), correcting this right away.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Infernal Robotics is still active and arguably, current (the 1.2.x version is unofficial, and requires small tweaks).

I think the original thread creator went AWOL, so they don't have the rights to make the 1.2.x update buried in the thread official even though it was made by one of the creators. Or something like that. Reading through 70+ pages of the thread isn't easy.

Here's one post that somewhat clarifies how to get the new version.

So I'd like to see it here, if only because it makes it easier to find and check when they do make it official.

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On 17/02/2017 at 3:41 AM, surge said:

Infernal Robotics is still active and arguably, current (the 1.2.x version is unofficial, and requires small tweaks).

I think the original thread creator went AWOL, so they don't have the rights to make the 1.2.x update buried in the thread official even though it was made by one of the creators. Or something like that. Reading through 70+ pages of the thread isn't easy.

Here's one post that somewhat clarifies how to get the new version.

So I'd like to see it here, if only because it makes it easier to find and check when they do make it official.

Thank you for this, helping people accessing unofficial builds is indeed a good thing. I'm adding it to the list.

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On 2/3/2017 at 5:24 PM, Gaarst said:


To mention some to add to the list:

EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancements) is still active. It adds clouds to KSP. :P

Then there's the Extrasolar planetary system mod, which works with the current version and development just recently started back up for:

Cormorant Aeronology adds shuttle parts


Edited by EleSigma
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