This is a continuation of the Kerbal NRAP mod, which was orignally written by @kotysoft (original thread: and continued by @stupid_chris (thread here: The new version for KSP 1.4.1 has new dependencies New Dependencies Click Through Blocker CKAN has been updated with the new dependency ADJUSTABLE TEST WEIGHT for lifter testing purposes 0.01 - 1000t   What is this exactly for? The title speaks for itself. This simple MOD made for those KSP project managers 
(hereinafter referred to "players"), who builds lifter rockets (and save as subassembly)
for different payloads to overcome that evil Kerbin gravity. Personally I playing
carreer mode, and time-to-time, after some new research, I make lifters for
10-20-50-100t payloads, but already tired to stock up many Rockomax fuel tanks
to get X tons of payload. Made it for myself, but shared to public. How it works? This part is functional just like an unmanned pod. So put this on your lifter in VAB,
right click on it, and you can open a simple gui to change mass, diameter and height.
Don't forget to apply changes before you close the UI.
MonoPropellant and ElectricCharge can be adjustable in normal way.
(by right clicking on part and move KSP original slider)
By adding MonoPropellant, it raises mass 0.4t by 100 unit. Carreer mode If you playing career mode, you have to unlock this part in R&D facility in starter tech.                              Original thread All credit for the original idea as well as for the models and textures for this go to @kotysoft. He's awesome!