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Orbit Changes on Timewarp


So Im trying to get a probe to Minmus. Launched it to LKO, set up an intercept with a maneuver node, got a Pe of 7000m. Good enough for now. Warp to SOI. As soon as my craft goes on rails, the velocity changes. Now I am not on an intercept at all, but instead have a much less eccentric orbit that is more easterly, less radial out from kerbin.

Done an orbit, made an adjustment before Ap to try to intercept again. Found a nice cheap correction burn, only about 250 m/s - and I did overengineer the probe, so thats not a big issue. Except the same issue happened again, of course.

Mods list is in the other Question I asked, 999 Days and 499 hours. Its updated from that - the current suite of USI mods, plus Ground Construction, plus NRAP, plus planetary domes. Barring FAR and KCT, all installed via CKAN. Some obviously through command line (eg planetarydomes, which CKAN doesnt recognise as 1.2.2 ready).

EDIT: *sigh* This may not be reproducible after restarting KSP. Will edit further if it happens again.

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