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Tex    1190

@MrBrownstone, please do not spam the forum with the link to your petition. As information from sources on the forums suggests, patches for console versions of KSP are not only somewhat difficult to make it through the certification processes, but also very much real and being worked on as much as they can.

Perhaps @Badie or @UomoCapra can explain a little better?

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Mihaeagle3    16
3 hours ago, MrBrownstone said:

Guys, it's SQUAD time to do something definite, sign this petition and let's try something happen


Maybe you have missed some of the news lately, but they have been doing definite things.  They sacked FTE and have brought Blitworks on board to take care of the console side now. This is a rather large transition and will probably take some time. 

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Deddly    2240

Yes, the patch has been a long time coming and it's been a frustrating wait for everyone. You're of course within your rights to make a petition, but you should know that the latest information is that Bitworks are hoping to have the patch (and update to the latest version) ready in the begining of 2017 - make what you will of that date, we don't know if it's first quarter or first half, just begining of 2017.

If you want a refund, Squad cannot issue it - the responsibility lies with the outlet you bought the game from.

So yes, it's been a bumpy ride, but at least we know the console releases haven't been abandoned.

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