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[WIP Thread] KSP History Research thread


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Since there's no official storyline in ksp, the history of kerbal.

So why don't we discuss about it? Let's construct, verify, and debate on theories! Any theory is welcome, if it has sufficient proof.

Also, any reasonable suggestions are greatly appreciated!

(If there's similar thread with this, please let me know!)


- (Again) Reasonable suggestions is desirable.

- Discussion on topic: While constructing a theory, you can discuss on it here and flesh it out. It wouldn't be documented.

- To count as a theory, it should meet the following conditions:

   * For each theory, the name and the abbreviation should be given to refer to it conveniently.

   * (WIP)

 - Theories will be documented on the OP, with following format: (WIP)

 - Change/Augmentation of a theory(WIP)

 - Withdrawal of a theory(WIP)

----------------- Theories start here ---------------

Sections of History

- Subject-Oriented Theory (SOT)


  Suggested by @Abastro

  In this theory, history is classified by the experiences of the individual subject.

 1) Formation of the Kerbol system

 2) Geological history of Kerbin

 3) Origin and Evolution of Life

 4) Origin of Kerbals

 5) History of Kerbalkind

 Each section could be closely correlated to others, giving and taking several effects.

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We know there was an ancient kerbal civilization in the desert which built tiered-pyramids and wore funny hats.

Assuming that civilization dates to the same time period it does for us, kerbals were on kerbin at least 3000-4000 years prior.

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