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Love is in the air! UPDATE! Its back!

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Its returning! Its almost as if this phenomena happends every year! 

I now have a LoveOmeter my LoveOmeter says i currently have a 10% love status, most of that is radiating from my mother love you mom!

Anyways, the global love status should reach 60% tommorow. A love status of 61% may cause symptoms like blushing, and increased heart rates. Watch out however! A love status of over 90% should not cured, it will either go away in several month, years or even decades, or stay with you forever.

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Read a good essay on Federalist today: Why Single People Shouldn’t Give Up On Dating

"At their core, the best relationships do not focus on what one receives, but what one gives. Admittedly, in most cases the giving element comes later in relationships. At first, people focus on finding themselves a Ms. Right or Prince Charming, with more selfless acts coming after emotional bonds form between partners.

"But there remains something noble about contemplating the giving nature of a relationship even from its infancy."

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