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Fastest Circumnavigation


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Here's a challenge! Build the Fastest thing to circumnavigation the planet!


1. No warp drives

2. No HyperEdit!

3. Stay below 50,000 m

4. Must be manned [One minute subtracted from time if by by Jeb] 

5. Name must be a pun!

Have fun! Mods are allowed and encouraged :D

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39 minutes ago, zolotiyeruki said:

This looks like a duplicate of this challenge here... *snip*

Good call, the circumnavigation challenges are classic. Downright heritage material, even! In the fine print though, it turns out out they're for airbreathers only, which caps speed ~1750m/s and makes it a quite different challenge..

 I think the only close duplicate to this is the Escape Velocity: The Hypersonic Race challenge, The primary difference comes with the ever-important requirement for puns in the name for this challenge. Unfortunately, that old thread is at the limit where the forum says 'no necro, plz' on the bottom. I had gotten my version-2 ship up and running, but never decided to spend the 20minutes to actually circumnavigate... it just kinda petered after that. Maybe would be good to dust off the old plane and see how hypersonic flight is in 1.2... Aero forces just got an update (specifically body drag), I'm not sure for easier or harder.

As for the name? Hm... It uses the wings to hold it down to Kerbin, so I'm gonna go with "Pull up Resistor". The ground crew don't look very amped, but say it has high potential as the logical bridge between avionics and space flight. A little fast and loose with those puns, but I felt in the spirit! May or may not give a swing at this, we'll have to see how it goes with the new drag model. If I do, I'll bug you for some clarifications, @RedPandaz.



                       Test flight going fast enough the wings had to hold it down!

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