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Narrow-band Scanner Rotor Thread.


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I decided to stop derailing @_Rade's thread, and start a topic for the development of narrow-band scanner based rotors.  It's impossible to fly with these, but they have infinite torque, because they are based on rotating colliders.  Specifically, the rotating collider of the narrow-band scanner.  


The major parts of the narrow-band scanner rotor are the Jacket or Bracket or Holder, which locks the narrow-band scanners in place, and is attached to the gears, clutch, or to the wheels.  The Clutch stops the infinite torque of the holder from breaking links in the rest of the machine, and is usually based upon wheels with the brakes active to ease in the torque.  The Clutch is not necessary for some simple rotors, but for ones involving Gears they are usually necessary.  The gears are used to increase the speed up from the ~1 rad/s of the Scanner.



An example of a simple Clutch: http://imgur.com/dN88Qgm

A combination of gears and a Clutch: http://imgur.com/FptZWtO

An example of some sideways gears with a readout of rad/s: http://imgur.com/xa0SZyC

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Ive done a little bit of experimenting with scanner drives a while back in my early tank track experiments, video HERE.

 Yes the movement of the drive essentially has infinite torque but that torque is transferred through the attachment node of the scanner which reduces the amount of force that can be applied by the scanner.

 I look forward to seeing the clutches and gearing systems you guys come up with for this though! Good luck all!


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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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