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Fortnight Flier

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Desperate to get in all of her flight hours before the deadline in 2 weeks, Sadie Kerman boards the Fortnight Flier, a 5 stage plane. Able to stay aloft for a Kerbal fortnight, she can rack up the hours in no time. Now if only she had brought some snacks! Each stage is a fully functioning plane, and piggybacks the one above with ease.

Parts: 695, sorry! Because of particular symmetries it doesn't lag *that* bad for a 695 part ship... *ahem*
Cost: ♫  If I had a million dollars! ♪
Justification: KSP

May I present, the:

Fortnight Flier

Link: Direct download through google


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2 hours ago, Majorjim! said:

What am I looking at?! :confused:

 it's a unique looking vehicle that's for sure! 

Yeah, my humors were set to full silly when I made this one! As for the wisdom of a 5-stage plane... well? I like KSP. :D

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