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Ace's Planet Pack development thread feel free to post requests/ideas

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Welcome to the pre- V0.1 APP development thread. Please give a suggestion for what do add or a mod you would like to be compatible and I will do my best to fulfil your wishes.

I want this pack to be everyone's and I want everyone who wants to, to suggest an idea. This is as much your pack as it is mine. Because of this I am happy (ATM) for people to use any textures they want as long as they give proper credit. 

Then again my textures may be be so bad no one wants them.

Here is the latest changelog:


APP Version 0.2 changelog

- Added Kerbol

- Added Zurbo

- Moved all planets to orbit Kerbol

- Fixed Purl atmosphere

- Hidden Kerbols and Zurbos orbits

Here is the plan for Version 0.1.2


APP Version 0.2.1 plans

- Add Zurbo B and Zurbo C

- Biome science multipliers for Furmal

- Fix Furmal texture pinching

The next major update will be version 0.2 it will move all of the current bodies to orbit a star called Kerbol. It is getting ready for new starsystems in the future


For a complete changelog of all version please check space dock a link is on the release thread below



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Updated changelog
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Version 0.2 has been announced it will move all current bodies to a new star (Kerbol) so I can add new systems to the game for people to explore.

Will be released after Version 0.1.2 which will add in biomes for Furmal (the map is done and in the download but it's not implemented yet) custom science defs may also be included. Biome specific science multipliers etc. will most likely be in Version 0.2.X

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