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[1.8.1] Dragon Rider Continued [0.2]


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Dragon Rider (Originaly By cBBp)

I'm porting this modpack (with permission) to the latest KSP version. Most of this is updating the node attachments, flipping the y angle. There's other problems.





Original link: [http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/24217-dragon-rider-capsule-023-21414/]

Mod Support:

* Lazor
* Kerbalism
* MechJeb


Unzip into your main KSP folder, delete old versions before that. Have module manager already installed.


* Dragon Capsule
* Trunk
* Solar Panel Covers
* Nose cone


* The offset of the RCS thrusters is wrong


* fixes for KSP 1.8.1
* fixes for KSP 1.2.2
* added mission flags
* updated buoyancy profile
* updated COL profile
* techtree integration
* editor search and category integration
* generic docking node fits normal and jr clampotron
* emergency fuelcell if power drops below 10%
* integrated heatshield and insulated capsule
* science container and crew report
* integrated transmitter


* cBBp for original setup


This pack is originally made by cBBp. This licence does not forfait any original licences.





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It's a new year
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5 hours ago, Drew Kerman said:

That was my reaction as well. No way that mod is still functional - or in case you're saying you don't recognize the mod name: Lazor System

In all honesty I did not really test with it, just shifted dependencies in proper patch files

5 hours ago, martinezfg11 said:

Yeah that was my reaction.

It was a bit of archeological discovery to fiddle with all the bits. Basically it just CFG work, cBBp did great work on the model.

11 hours ago, Nansuchao said:

I hope to be wrong, but the in the original thread this is stated as All Right Reserved. Have you tried to contact the autor?

Yep, hence the disclaimer 

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@MacLuky, Unfortunately, AAR (All Rights Reserved) license means you absolutely HAVE to have SPECIFIC, VERIFIABLE permission directly from the dev to do ANYTHING with it... Including even redistributing ANY part of it...

you may want to take down your hosting link until you hear directly from cBBp...

If you have questions about it, you can probably just PM any forum moderator with questions, and best course of action to take...

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5 minutes ago, MacLuky said:

Done. Sure kills all enthusiasm to resurrect old mods.

i have Bobcat's soviet pack almost running. Guess it stays a private pleasure then.

That would be why most mod authors use more permissive licenses.

Bobcat used a CC no-commercial, no-derivatives license - You could probably distribute it with a patchpack without breaking the license.  (But you can't change the originals.)

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I think MM packs of that ilk are allowable, as no alteration of the original work is performed. Is the original version of this mod still up for download anywhere? That's often the big trick in these cases.

Praise be to sarbian for the MM-goodness possibilities...

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@MacLuky ya... I find DDS4KSP to be quickest and easiest when you're only doing batch converting, with no other edits to the textures.
OH!... when you do this mod, *deselect* .png... the only .pngs in it are the flags, IIRC... those IIRC should stay .png? vOv


You can ignore the part about needing DDSLoader...

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It might be worth mentioning, KSP automatically converts textures to DDS during load and should be dumping the unconverted information from RAM /VRAM, though I don't know for sure if it does but I suspect it is otherwise it's just consuming even more resources nullifying half of its purpose.

The benefits of having the textures already in an appropriate DXT format (packed in DDS) are:

  1. You'll reduce a bit of load time as it doesn't need to run the converter.
  2. This is the main one, you can control the quality to some extent.

I've never used the auto DDS converter but I have made plenty of DDS textures manually in GIMP, BMP2DXT and with the command line tool from nVidia. They all gave similar results with one exception, the DDS plugin for GIMP has a toggle for perceptual error checking which reduces the 4x4 block effect in certain scenarios. This may exist in the command line tool from nVidia but I only run it for comparison with quick arguments I found. I suspect the DDS4KSP tool is built around these nVidia tools but I don't know for sure. At least, it's what the GIMP and Photoshop plugins are built from.

So, personally, I'd try a few things and see if you can spot the difference. It really depends on the input texture as to how noticeable some artefacts are. For sure, batch converting is the easiest route but without using that tool myself and comparing the results with other methods, I couldn't say whether I would recommend it for anything beyond convenience.

I'm also unsure if auto conversion just simply converts everything to DXT5 when DXT1 might be adequate, which would mean half the file size again.


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