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how to caculate delta v with boosters?


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 SRBs should only be used in the early going. They're very cheap and powerful, but heavy and inefficient. Not worth carrying any serious distance.

 Calculating DV with them is the same as any other rocket; the natural log of the wet/dry mass ratio times the exhaust velocity. When combining them with other engine types, the specific impulse is scaled proportionally to the mass flow rate. Most calculators should be able to calculate this given thrust and specific impulse of the engines firing in parallel.


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Note that it can be tricky to get the exact dV contribution from SRBs, assuming you stage them right off the pad, since they get a significantly higher Isp in vacuum than at sea-level pressure.  You can probably get in the right ballpark if you use an Isp value that's the average of vacuum and ASL.

(That's true of any rocket engine, not just SRBs, but it comes up with them a lot because, 1. you're generally always firing them right off the pad, and 2. the gap between vacuum and ASL Isp is somewhat bigger for SRBs than it is for "atmospheric" rocket engines like the Reliant, Mainsail, Skipper, etc.)

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