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Clamp-o-tron to Clamp-o-tron wont dock

Nickel AP


Good afternoon all,

Im coming across and issue with docking. I am unable to dock 2 clamp-o-tron together. they are both the same size. I recently added KJR due to the mass and shape of my station and this will be the third time docking since adding the mod. no issues either previous time. Is there a bug that appears with this mod some times? Do the ports need to be "top to top" and ive just been really lucky with hitting it each time?(station has a total of 6 attachments, this will be 7). by top to top i mean (using nav ball as an example) North to north?. Here is a screen shot for proof of size a7RJ0HN.pngnd lack of magnetism. Should i roll my ship? is my build causing issue? any advice would be great! thanks.

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the docks only have to align they do not have to be upright door to door(graphics on the port) if that is what you meant.

 I have only seen 2 issues

1: where it is best to select the "control from here" 1st then the set target and,,

2:that they cannot be too close when this is done as it doesn't take. backup at least 5m away prior to setting these, then re-approach

PS. if you have no electric available on either item they won't dock.. it is a magnet attraction.

Hope this helps



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