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Nimbus medium lifting craft. [stock]

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She's got 6 engines, weighs 27 tons and has been tested to carry 1.5x her own weight on her back. I use her to carry heavy experiments and drop them in places across kerbin, you could probably modify it to be a passenger carrier or something too if you wanted. Probably handy if you wanna go make a base on the north pole and haven't unlocked  the mk3 stuff on career yet.

The 6 engines let her survive at incredibly steep angles while carrying oversized payloads, handy if you need to get into a tight approach or whatever you're using it for.




(Carrying a 47 ton spaceY booster on the back)

Action groups: 1= reverse thrust, 2=flaps deployed.

You can download here.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogrgomlnkqrffhs/Nimbus Medium lifting craft_.craft?dl=0

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