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Aquarius Orbital Launch Vehicle.

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Introducing the Aquarius Orbital Launch Vehicle. Fit for rendezvous and Kerbin orbit operations. Kerbal scientists think it probably has enough Delta-V to do a simple Munar fly by if you\'re really efficient, but that\'s not what it\'s meant for.

Here is some launch vehicle information:

On launch, you\'ll have about 2,552.672 m/s of Delta V to get you very high into the upper atmosphere. There are four engines on this stage called 'Outboard Engines'.

The thrust to weight ratio of this stage is 1.957 fully fueled. Meaning you can expect a MINIMUM G-force during this burn of a little under 2 G\'s.

As the fuel depletes, however, the G\'s build up. Peak G comes right before fuel depletion and subsequently before staging. The G\'s will then peak to approximately

4.2 G\'s.

Well survivable, of course.

The full mass of the launch stage is 44.875 and the empty mass is 20.875.

The total Engine thrust is 860.

You can expect an approximate average Specific Impulse on this stage of about 3,433.5 or 350 seconds..

This stage should cut off at about 96 seconds based on the mass fuel flow rate calculations. It will not be exact, however, as the engine ISP actually increases with altitude when the atmosphere becomes thinner.

Then, after staging, you\'re down to the Orbital Insertion stage:

The total mass of the vehicle after staging is then 12.375 with an empty mass of 6.375.

You will have a full engine thrust of 200. The thrust is vectored, which helps.

The engine ISP is about 3629.7 or 370 seconds now.

It has a thrust to weight ratio fully fueled here of 1.647.

Consequently, you can expect a minimum G force of 1.647 when this stage burns at full throttle.

Maximum G force if this stage gets all the way to fuel depletion at full throttle will be just under 3.2.

Here is a picture:




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The craft works well.. i might steal some ideas from it trough.. and shrink it a bit it.. :P

Keep up the work..

But whats with the scratches under the staging tab? Or is it my monitor going bit haywire..

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I feel the desire to ask an obvious question: Why a zip file for such a simple vehicle? Why not just the .craft file?

Because drop box does .crafts really weird for me. When someone downloads them, all they get is a note pad with .craft info and I don\'t think anyone wants to compile their own .craft just to launch into orbit.

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