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How to change versions


Some of my mods are not available or working for 1.2 and i wanted to change my version to 1.1.2 but i do not know how to do this. I am currently using KSP bought off the website not steam

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Older versions of the game are generally not available anymore (except for the really really old ones). This is intentional, and Squad will not provide you with an old version download even if you ask nicely.

Some exceptions exist; for example, with Steam, you can usually opt to go back one major version. Perhaps this feature exists for the Squad store as well, but I couldn't tell you, because I am a Steam user. If there was a way, however, it would probably give you 1.1.3, and not 1.1.2.

It may help you in the future to manually preserve archives for fresh installs of currently available versions. Many people do this, in case they want to go back at some point in the future. However, distributing such archives is software piracy, so no, you cannot simply ask on the forums for people to send you stuff.

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22 hours ago, Commander Jebidiah said:

You can download versions of the game from the store as far back as 1.0.5

Go to:

Buy>Sign In>My Account>Download>Pick the version you want.

There is no download under My account in store - ?


However, I'm using KSP for MacOS version and cannot patch it to "silent" update 1028 (AFAIK, there is no newer Mac version than 1028 build, correct me if I'm wrong). Patcher just cannot sync (tried few times). Tried to find that patch anywhere else, but there is none.

Any usefull advice?


BTW, the game is marvelous. In my whole life I've never been so eager to play more. And I'm 55y old... :D

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