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For my contract pack Parts Unlimited (Soon to be renamed ZYX PartsULTD, but that's another story) I require better descriptions for parts. "A vaguely wing shaped board" is great and all when you can see the part, but trying to decide which wing to unlock when you don't have a picture available can make it quite a chore, especially when the wings you have to choose from are named "Wing Connector Type A" and "Wing Connector Type B".

Actually, I take that back. It's NEVER fine for that to happen :)

So I took it upon myself, and for myself, to go through and describe all the parts one by one, to give them more descriptive descriptions. For example, the 3 wings that are "wing shaped boards" will now be described as:

  • Type A: A stubby 4x2 wing segment, 4 meters in chord and 2 in span.
  • Type B: A long 2x4 wing segment, 2 meters in chord and 4 in span.
  • Type C: A 2x2 wing segment. Placing 2 of these is like using one Type-A or Type-B wing segment.

Similarly, other wing segments are also more descriptively described. I also made similar changes to nose cones, intakes, elevons and the like, and then realized that wow, this was a lot of work. No wonder nobody at Squad has bothered to undertake it yet.

So here is the config as it stands. It's got (what I am fairly sure is) a full list of parts but those I've not described are blank. I post it here for 2 reasons:

  1. It's useful as it is, even though it's not that complete. For me wings were the absolute worst offender and this basically fixes that.
  2. Maybe someone wants to help, and I'd love it if they did. Either making my descriptions better or adding their own.

I don't know if this is the best way to present the file, but as it's a single file I'm just putting the config up on GitHub and letting people download it. I'd be interested in opinions on splitting the file into multiple configs vs one big one, mod support (I likely won't do it but I'm willing to support it if it doesn't get too hairy), and of course any pull requests with extra descriptions (after I vet them of course) are welcome.

Download here: https://github.com/5thHorseman/DescriptiveDescriptions/blob/master/DescriptiveDescriptions.cfg

Or visit the github page here: https://github.com/5thHorseman/DescriptiveDescriptions

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