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Translunar crew transport SSTO (Kerbin->moons->Kerbin)

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This little SSTO will solve any problem of Kerbin system wide crew transfer from orbit to orbit.

This plane is accurate on weight displacement, RCS settings and flying capabilities: is easy manual lander.





  • 2 crew, 4 passengers
  • 2.400ms Dv after reach 100km Kerbin orbit
  • Docking and Solar panels
  • Docking RCS displacement (easy docking manoeuvres)
  • Round Trip Kerbin Base -> MÜN/Minmus orbit -> moon to planet tranfer orbit, Kerbin orbit and reentry burn / engine landing assist to Kerbin Base

TakeOff advices

  • fly 10° pitch until reached 8000mt altitude
  • change pitch to 15° at 8000mt altitude
  • change pitch to 20° after at 3000 (when the R.A.P.I.E.R. toggle)
  • finalise circularisation using Nerva Engine (key1)


  1.  Toggle Nerva
  2.  Toggle R.A.P.I.E.R.
  3.  Toggle R.A.P.I.E.R. Mode
  4.  Open docking and extend Solar Panels

Landing advices

if you are using MechJeb (not included on ship file) select KSP and change the target longitude to 73°

On atmosphere set SAS to RAD+ and keep turn angle to 0° 

at 30.000 set to prograde and start landing manoeuvres (or activate SpacePlane autolanding)

Download here

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