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The rules of this game is simple, since I'm pretty sure all of you heard of it. You make a wish, and the next person must turn it around on you and give the wish a twist, making it detrimental to the overall goal and- ah screw it, I'll just give you an example:
Person 1: I wish for a pizza.
Person 2: Granted, the pizza is rotten. I wish for a computer.
Person 3: Granted, a computer from the 1990's. I wish for a donut.
And so on...

If you really want to know everything, here are the rules of the former Wish Corrupter: 
1. You have to answers the persons wish above but with a twist. Then you make a wish. 
2. No wishing for wishes or wishing for corruptions. 
3. No "in another universe", "another world", "another dimension", "another planet" corruption. 
4. No wishing for a wish to be corrupted. This also applies to wishing for a wish to not be corrupted and wishing for nothing. 
5. No wishing for avatar, username, changes. 
6. No "Wish failed." 
7. No wishing for this thread to be locked. 
8. Be polite
9. No making up random crap that has nothing to do with the original wish or making "instead they gave you" wishes. 
10. No repeating a wish because you hate the outcome. Its your fault for making that wish able to come out so horrid. 
11. No bringing personal matters into the wishing world. 
12. No "wishscripting" or "wishcoding", just say the wish and don't hide it in computer coding. 
Please don't troll!

Got it? Good. 
I wish for a chocolate bunny.

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