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It all started with one to many challanges for auto racing. I looked long and hard for some good car parts. I found MuscleCarPartsMod, Very nice set but needed a better motor. So I set out to learn to make my qwn and here is the outcome. The Khevrolet motor is design 01 and I am up to my 6th design now the MHtt 501. Idle and power sound still needs some work. Nodes are off on some parts. To be adjusted as updated.

Motors, Full bar frame and Drag frame are Orginal MHG Designs.

Other parts " rusty car bodys and go-kart frame" are from free to use junk parts off the Interweb.

Thanks to :

eugene T.             Off road Frame
MAX GRUETER    F-1 Driver
SpannerMonkey for all the TECH support.

MIT License



Down load link:

https://spacedock.info/mod/1254/MonkeyHead's Car parts

Back to Bustin knuckes and building cars

See you soon,


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MIT License
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So The 57 toon and dragster rail yes no issues, as for other wide bodies maybe not based on what tires you use. They were built and rescaled to fit Buffalo tries and Kerbels with helmets. Re scale may be possible will have to see if it affects Kerbels and Tires. They do fit the roads and were built for the Dakar type rallys, not so much the planes. We will see on phase 3  of smaller scale can be done.

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I can't get it to work.  I loaded the 4x4 pack, and it does not show up ingame.  I loaded the parts pack and that doesn't show up either.  Are these add-ons to a main mod file?  


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No needed parts pack for the truck bodys

Add files from pack to Monkey Head file and all should work fine.

Tires and a frame if you wish are what you can add.

Works with many types of other mods.

Follow this guide.

open 4x4 pack add to org.  file in Game data.

check parts in MonkeyHead file.

check Parts list file for added files to be listed.

Let me know of any issues I will provide video of install if needed.

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Bad file name changed in post, Darn Copy n Paste....
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