Open part info in separate, movable window instead of a scrollbar that some mods stop my ability to use...

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I would like to right click on a part and say maybe "open stats" or "display info" or something to that effect, and have it open a full window displaying every module and what it does. Some of these mods are really hard to learn as it is, and I have found that non stock parts sometimes wont freeze their menu when right clicking, disabling my ability to scroll, making it impossible to look at the functions of that part. I hope they get something like that worked out, or a mod that will do the same thing. That would be amazing, as this is driving me crazy having to google mod parts functions every time I forget something. Thanks, let me know if anyone has ran into this problem, as I havent been able to find many complaining about this.

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KER has something like that. You middle-click the part and it gives you stats. Should be stock.

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