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Find The Hidden Object in the Image

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This is very simple, find the hidden thing that is in the very large image!


1.) Do not spoil location of any hidden thing in pictures

2.) Nothing inappropriate

3.) Image size  within 1k * 1k - 10k * 10k pixels

4.) Have fun? IDK this is my first time with this.






I knew it was big, but didn't think the picture would be this big

EDIT: nvm, its only when I edit the post that the picture looks huge


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3 minutes ago, Dark Junior said:

I found it by accident...

How did you find it by accident?

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Oh, lol. Do you know what it is though(it isn't against the rules to say what it is)?

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On 3/12/2017 at 8:11 PM, Benjamin Kerman said:

Well I see a duck holding a pistol... 

Dont know about you though...

ehmmm, I wish I could do that, but that isn't it... where do you see it?

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9 hours ago, Benjamin Kerman said:

The green dust, lower left hand side.

can't find it...

9 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

"Hi!" underscored. 

Took several seconds after opening by XnView Editor

lel nice!

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