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Spawning Dummy Parts In Flight Mode

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As in the title: How would I spawn an empty dummy part in flight mode?

Preferably: No needed .cfg file: Just spawn the part and initialize it on-the-fly.



When I just AddComponent<Part>() I see a stream of NullReferenceException in the log.

I'm assuming there is something wrong with just constructing it as-is, and I'm at a loss as to what else needs to be added to it in order for it to function.

I need to add a part to a vessel in flight in order to force KSP to update the associated transform whenever it changes coordinate frames.

This has been an issue with joints created between dynamically-generated bodies and other parts - when the vessel changes coordinate frames, it causes the joint to correct itself in the wrong frame (the other body, not associated with a part, did not change coordinate frames with the rest of the vessel).

Just adding a part to the related object, then adding the part to the vessel's part list fixes the coordinate frame transition issue, but I see a stream of null reference exceptions.

On the other hand, it would be preferable to hook into an event for this, but I have no idea what that event or override might be.

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