Show off your space tourist ships!

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Behold! The reusable Tourist Shuttle!

A reusable sub-orbital craft capable of reaching heights of 195,000m.


^^^Craft file here^^^


Parts: 59

Height: 15.5m

Width & Length 4.3m

Dry mass: 15.412

Wet mass: (Without monoprop): 46.162t (w/ Monoprop: 46.192)


Use instructions:

  1. Launch using space-bar (Using SAS)
  2. When heating has finished and out of the atmosphere hit 1.
  3. Wait until the bottom air-brakes have deployed and press space 
  4. When starting to enter the atmosphere press 2
  5. Wait for landing.



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This little plane is capable of an 8-minute journey to Kerbin's North Pole:



I call her the Pegasus. Coming soon is a fully-reusable SSTO rocket - the Altair SSTO!

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