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How to check the status of action groups.

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I'm working on writing a plugin, but I can't for the life of me figure out how I'd be able to check if any of the action groups are active. If it helps, I'm trying to write a for loop in FixedUpdate that will, ideally, run some stuff when my craft is at 50m off the terrain, and when the brake action group is on. I'd imagine it'd be something in KSPActionGroups.Brakes, but to paraphrase the priest from Firefly, "I ain't found excrements".

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KSPActionGroups is just the enumerator for... well... action groups. You want the ActionGroups property of the active vessel. Something like this should work for you

if (FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.ActionGroups[KSPActionGroup.Brakes])
    // Things to do if the brakes are on go here


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Note that in stock, there is no relation between the state of the action group and the state of the actions in the group.

When you activate (or deactivate) an action group, KSP tells all actions in that group to turn on (or off), and that's it.

If the action can't do so, or if the action is in multiple action groups, you can get a situation where the action group is activated but the actions (or some of the actions) in the group are not.

This is what causes the first press of the Gear button to do nothing sometimes when a vessel is first launched.

It sounds like that will not be an issue for what you are right now, but if you get more involved later on (or for others finding the thread), it is something to be aware of.


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