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The Kerbal Chronicles Winners!


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Hello everyone! 

We had a blast  doing this contest and we are so happy to see the response of the community. We had 93 article entries and  they were all increidible and, although it wasn't possible, we would've loved to put them all in the magazine. So before we say anything else we just want to give a huge shout-out to all participants, we really enjoyed reading through all of the articles and we encourage you to do so, too, by visiting this thread. You won't regret it. :wink:

Yesterday we closed the poll of the contest and we contacted all winners to let them know they were chosen by the community.

And the are winners are...

(drum rolls...)


How Do Astronauts Wear Their Helmets? by @Angel-125 

Can Jeb Fly? by @Acea 

KSC releases report of hopeful exoplanet by @Cpone 


These authors will have  their article will be published in The Kerbal Chronicles, will get themselves kerbalized by our Lead Artist, along with their own chosen or designed flag in a Shapeways exclusive and one of kind figurine, and have a name they choose included as astronauts in Kerbal Space Program,as well as getting a special printed limited edition of The Kerbal Chronicles.



We want to also congratulate these authors, whose articles were among the most voted 10 (yes, there was a tie) and will  also get a special printed limited edition of The Kerbal Chronicles.

A Kerbal’s Tale by @root


Why do the Rockets Boom? by @Mr. Me 


Surprise Proposal Stuns World! by @Just Jim

Jebediah Kerman Resting Comfortably After Risky Attributectomy by @JonathanPerregaux 

Rocket Program Saved by Invention of Life-Saving Technology by @The_Rocketeer

The Kerbal Chronicles will be available digitally to everyone, but only these four winners will see their own articles featured, along, of course, with their names as authors.

Thank you all for participating! :D


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Congratulations winners and my fellow runners up, and commiserations to anybody who didn't do as well as they would have liked (myself included :D). This competition was great fun, I think the best one yet. More please :)

However :blush: if I could offer a little constructive criticism...

I do think the competition would have been easier to manage and participate in if it had had its own designated forum topic from the get-go. It would also help a lot if we could be given clearly presented instructions including express deadlines (including a Time Zone). It didn't directly affect me, but after one submissions topic was closed articles were still being posted to the other for some time.

Edited by The_Rocketeer
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Well done to the winners some really good stuff there.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking part too.  The honours passed by me like a near miss asteroid, but the glory goes to those who deserved it most..

I hope this kind of competition becomes a more regular occurrence.

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I'm finding it really hard to read on Chrome/Win 10.  The text is absolutely tiny and when I zoom in, I lose the ability to read the last two lines of the page.  Also, spotted a couple of typos:

On page 9, it says 'buy theMission Builder today!' and on page 14 it says 'Available only through these medium'

Other than that, really fun read and I hope there's more of them in the future!


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