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[WIP] [1.2.2] Ludicrous Propulsion Systems. New name, new parts

Benjamin Kerman

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Benjamin Kerman's Welding Supply Co


Is proud to present:

Ludicrous Propulsion Systems

"LPS adds taller fuel tanks in all stock sizes and new throttleable hybrid engines burning solid fuel and oxidizer"

UPDATE: Alpha Release is live!

Current version: 0.2.4

Download here on Github or comment on the Official Release Thread

The license for this mod is the MIT license. 

I have spent many hours working on the code, so I would appreciate it if you don't pass it off as your own work without at least mentioning me.

Source Code:

The code is functional, but uses stock textures. We are still working on the final models and textures. 

I would be grateful for anyone to go through the code I have so far and make a bug report if you find anything wrong about it.

Source Code: https://github.com/BenjaminCronin/Ludicrous-Propulsion-Systems

The parts:

All part config files made, and we are working on the models.

See my GitHub Wiki for all parts and info!

Some peeks...




@hedgey579: Doing all the modeling and being my "partner in crime".

@linuxgurugamer: Thanks for answering all my questions about .dll files.

@Streetwind: Thanks for answering my questions about the differences between all the kinds of mods. 

@Nertea: Thank you for getting me into modding, as your mods were the first I downloaded.

@Supercheese: Help with balancing part prices.

Likes and kind words are always appreciated, they show help show me that people are interested in my work!

Want to help? 

Feel free to make a pull request on my GitHub page for any of your mods.

This mod includes ModuleManager (MM) and AVC, all credit for those goes to the authors. 

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Ill Try Going Over :wink: Ill Report the Bugs on Github!




I Never Heard of Agencies?

Is it good to define the Same Variable 3 times?

  mentality = Commercial
  mentality = Economic
  mentality = Industrial





I Think Everything is fine 

Just think that you either need to rename the mesh of the FuelTank into  tank-FLT1600

or you need to replace  model = LudicrousFuelTanks/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT1600/tank-FLT1600

with  model = LudicrousFuelTanks/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankT1600/tank-FLT1600.mu

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11 minutes ago, Supercheese said:

Shouldn't there be advantages to economy of scale, where a 2x size part shouldn't be exactly 2x the cost, but be slightly cheaper since it's just one big part rather than two smaller ones welded together?

Hmm. I'll look at some of the stock part configs and think about it. 

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you for all your support everyone! It means a lot to me. 

I have finished the configs for all the parts, and it sounds like the community (read: 7 people) want to keep the new engine designs such as throttleable hybrid boosters and size adapting engines in the LFT pack. 

@hedgey579 and I are beginning work on the models. As of now, two are complete for texturing and I am working on the rest! 

If I get 80% of people wanting to move the engines back into the LFT pack, I will. Just vote up top!

Thank You!

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Tried loading up the engines to test, and hoo boy. 

KSP sh*t*d itself, planets deleted, the whole shabang. Danny should try it out. 

Looking over the logs to see what went wrong, and debugging the configs. 

I might release the fuel tanks and add the engines in a later version. 

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Did some testing, and it looks like we got a fix! :D

I am going to work on the rest of them, as this was just figuring out what I did wrong with the "BodyBlow" booster.

If anyone has any suggestions for balancing masses, costs, or thrust/Isp levels, just let me know! Thanks!

EDIT1: The hybrid engines still spool... I don't know how to fix it. If anyone knows, just leave a comment or PM me. Thanks!

EDIT2: Hybrids are now working perfectly. 

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Update time! 

I got the BodyBlow hybrid engine working, but still need to implement the fix for the rest of the engines. Once that is done, just waiting on the textures and models before releasing.

I might do a prerelease of just the fuel tanks and add the engines later, tell me what you guys think up top in the poll.

Thanks all!

P.S. LPS is now listed in the add on development library! Yay!

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Dev Update! 

Over the weekend, I have managed to get all the hybrid engines working. 

I have some nice models made, check out the Boris-E.blend on GitHub

Still waiting on the textures, but my friend has been pretty swamped with school lately. I have been trying to figure out how to do it myself, but I'm having a couple of problems. 

Since @sal_vager is gone, I feel the need to do some poetry :(

Things were broken

And the Kraken was awoken

But fixing the configs, I found

That's no easy task to go 'round

Stayed up at night, made some commits

But at the end, it benefits!

Hope you guys enjoyed, 


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Dev update! 

I have finished and bug tested all the hybrid engines. The ADPT engine series will need animations for the gimbaling, which will need to be done in Unity (Yay!). Because of this, we will not be able to release these just yet. I am about halfway done with the models, but I don't have a way to export .blend files as the .mu files the KSP needs, so if anyone have any suggestions or ways to get around this, please leave a comment below! The plugin for blender that I did find is out of date and is not recognized. 

In other news, I am planning to do an alpha release sometime this week with just the hybrid engines and the SRB models that SQUAD provides for their SRBs. 

If you decide to get this, please open a bug report on GitHub for any balancing recommendations! 

There is also a "complimentary" mod that I have jumped on board with called Black Hole Tanks. This is linked in the description. I am not the main author of this mod, but it is linked in my signature for those of you who want to check it out! 

Peace, and thanks for all your support! 

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Dev update! 

I have been taking a small break from the dev of this mod to help out with another mod, Black Hole Tanks. I am back at it though, so expect a 0.2.0 update coming out tomorrow or Saturday. I'll be gone for vacation next week, so don't expect anything then. 

I have been working on several new parts, including an interstage plate to prevent oxidizer from flowing into the hybrid engines, as they are meant to be self contained. 

The official release thread is linked in my description, so go there for more explanations, a BIG download link straight to GitHub, and most importantly, PICS!!!

Thanks to everyone who as offered encouraging words, peace.

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Dev update!

I ran afoul of the police (read: technicalfool), so I had to release a new update... Sorry SQUAD! 0.2.2 is now out, but I had to remove the interstage plate for the time being. 

@technicalfool no hard feelings, thanks for all the advice!

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Models are coming...
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Update time! 

v. 0.2.3 is live!

I have been talking with my modeling friend, and he is getting started with running the models through Unity and adding textures for them. 

I re added the interstage plate, which is currently using the stock small probe core model. Not exactly my favorite look, but it will work for now. 

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v.0.2.4 is live! 


  • Renamed Screwdriver engine so that it would show up ingame correctly
  • Fixed pointers in the interstage plate config file
  • Balancing for gimbaling on hybrid engines

As you probably guessed, work continues on models and textures. Thank you to everyone who's helped us out so far!

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