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Click here for more Pictures and the download!


After MANY MANY revisions and complete rebuilds. She lives. This is my best shot at flyable STOCK BeBop replica. All in all I think she's technically much smaller than the real ship, but  to me it seems pretty close. Obviously it is missing the dual crane/claws that never got used in the anime (as far as I can remember). I didn't feel like adding a lot of extra parts for a mostly cosmetic feature. The signature scoop underneath can be activated after take off and doesn't seem to affect the aerodynamics in any significant way. When flying in atmosphere this ship is dependent on the 12 Vectoring engines for control. Without them, you'll just tumble into the ground! She is not an SSTObut not for a lack of trying. I have a version with 4 extra boosters that takes off vertically and can easily make it to orbit (I'll be uploading that one soon). When orbiting with full gas tanks, The BeBop pushes about 2500 dv

Let me know what you guys think!

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19 minutes ago, Gh0stReaper said:

I don't know who BeBop is (please don't kill me) but she is very impressive.

My max part count I've ever had is about 100. Sooo...



It's the main spaceship used in this anime... a GREAT anime with even a better blues/jazz soundtrack *_*

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3 hours ago, Matuchkin said:

How does this fly, exactly?

Give a brick enough thrust, and trust me, it'll fly :)


1 hour ago, roboslacker said:

Can you fit a lander in that?

Oh yea, there's ALL kinds of empty cargo bays to store a lander in, not to mention that the flight deck is also a full on empty hangar made out of opened MK2 bays :)

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4 minutes ago, Matuchkin said:

So is it just a bunch of thrust, combined with the fact that the fuselage is made out of wing pieces?

It's mostly thrust (which kills the flight efficiency unfortunately) but it does have a bit of lift going on as well. The forward section near the Goliath engines has molded wing sections that curl up at the tips, as well as some wings near the rear. The fuselage generations a decent amount of lift as well.

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