1.25m and 2.5m cargo bay mod?

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I recently downloaded OPT Spaceplane Parts, and wanted to make a 2.5m SSTO. However, I can find no updated mods that include 2.5m bays. I am aware that Modular Rocket Systems has these parts, but they are not stock-alike enough to fit my needs. If anyone knows of a mod that adds stock-alike 1.25m and 2.5m cargo bays, please reply!

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Why don't use fairing and disable staging? You can build them inline activate truces and have the ability to separate the Inlays? I (miss)use this ability on low techtiers to make inline 3xSatdishes Comsats or Siencegraser MK1 Airships. And look is 100% stock:D

PS: yes, it hast Stile to have the Parts to go there. But "misusing" the engine let you be creative:cool:.

Funny Kabooms


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