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Why can't i patch my game?


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I haven't played this since the beta. I am trying to load it up now and update it. My version is directly from this site and not steam. For one reason or another I run the patcher and all I get is not correct email or password but it has been saved in there. Is there a different way to update the game since full release? How can I get this patched up?

Edit: Oh I forgot I transfered it to steam a long while back

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Important notes on the Patcher / Launcher

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The KSP patcher, which is downloaded with old versions of the KSP launcher, is no longer maintained or supported.

This means that it will not work.

Please use the patches from your Squad store accounts download page to update KSP if available for your platform, or use the installer or full game zip.

GOG customers will have to update via the GOG patch when available, or the full GOG installer.

Amazon customers should see an update version on their Amazon accounts, if KSP fails to update on Amazon please contact Squad support at support@kerbalspaceprogram.com

Steam will update normally, but pre-release players will need to opt out of the pre-release (select NONE in the Steam client).


As you have transferred to Steam then Steam can handle updates for you, but the latest Launchers don't include the patcher, there are now discreet patches available via your Squad store account.

Hope this helps.

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