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A Gallant Mission | A Story of Humans and Kerbals

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Chapter 1 | Human View

Interstellar Space, Trappist-1 Oort cloud equivalent


"Beginning Burn routine to get into SOI of Trappist-1, sending report to Mission Control,"  chirped the little probe to itself,  "Estimated Arrival Time, 2 Minutes."


Houston, Earth


Camron Miles looked around the crowded room, finally standing up, ready to deliver his speech. The room became silent as vacuum, and then he spoke, "As you know, 36 Years Ago, in December 2020, we launched the Etna space probe at the Stellar System of Trappist-1. Today, the Etna Probe reached its destination, Trappist-1-d, successfully in an orbit of 4,350,000 at its periapsis, and 14,250,000 at its apoapsis. We're also proud to announce," He cleared his throat, clearly nervous about the news he was about to report, yet he grinned, "that we have discovered radio transmissions, two space stations, and various satellites in orbit of the Planet."

Before any journalist could ask him a question, he walked out of the room, along with anyone with the answers they wanted.


Orbit around Trappist-1-d



Picture of Etna, back at Earth.

"Why did I have to be sent alone? I guess I can activate the pong AI that they gave me, but it can only play pong. I guess that good enough while I record data from this dumb plan-" a shudder shook the little probe, leaving it feeling scared. It activated its camera to see a capsule similar to Apollo Era ones on top of an orbital booster. "It's coming closer.."  A hatch on the front of the craft opened, revealing a claw. It moved forward using RCS, clearly trying to capture Etna. The Etna AI released that it still had the atmospheric probe attached to it, and decided it needed to be used."Well little probe buddy, even though you have the pong AI on there, I'm the main probe on here. You'll have to be sent off." Etna was faced towards the claw, and the probe was launched and was captured. The craft, satisfied with was clearly a decoy, started a retrograde burn, and disappeared out of sight.



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