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A plugin part of the mods trying quietly infiltrate to the editor part's info panel, so a localization will make it better.

Science Lab Info                          — 17 lines github    — looking for [Spanish]  [Chinese]  [Japanese]  [German]  [French]  [Italian]  [Portuguese]  

CommNet Antennas Extension — 10 lines github    — looking for [Spanish]  [Chinese]  [Japanese]  [German]  [French]  [Italian]  [Portuguese]  

CommNet Antennas Info           — 6 parts on github — looking for [Spanish]  [Chinese]  [Japanese]  [German]  [French]  [Italian]  [Portuguese]  

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Would translators be able to assist with two add-ons I have localization support for?

First off, Explodium Breathing Engines has [Spanish] (es-es) support now (Thanks KSP-In-Spanish!) but could use all others done too ([Chinese]  [Japanese]  [German]  [French]  [Italian]  [Portuguese].) Most of these are paraphrases of the stock versions for these parts, referring to Explodium instead of Intake Air, and Oxidizer instead of Liquid Fuel. If the underworld themed naming isn't appropriate for a language, feel free to choose a different theme.

Second and final, Alien Space Programs has a localization dictionary for per-home world text but no translations. Would need [Spanish]  [Chinese]  [Japanese]  [German]  [French]  [Italian]  [Portuguese]. Some of these are slight modifications of the stock texts, while others introduce different back stories for why the space program started there. There are also new science definitions for Tylo and Jool.

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