Realism Overhaul and related mods in 1.2.2

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I have recently returned to KSP and was looking forward to the integrated telemetry and wanted to try the RO / FASA / Historical Contracts mods.

After a few days playing with the available pre-release versions on GITHUB I seem to have everything working except for RealHeat (which appears to be abandoned?).  The early game USSR craft seem to be a bit under powered and the Saturn V only has a TWR of .31.  I've tried merging the pending pulls on FASA/RO GIT's but the mass and thrust are right (maybe not counting all the engines?).

Anyway, I was just wondering if there is anybody else that wants to collaborate on getting RO working again, or should I just wait it out?


Happy Landings!


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There are people who are working on Realism Overhaul and RP-0. Its on beta and testing. If you want to install the beta, you can go here and install 1 by 1 and check after install if game is broken or not. There are 3 tabs in spreadsheet.

Its going to release when its ready. You can wait for stable release :D i prefer :cool:

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