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The Comedic Conquest Of Space


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Hello forum-goers! This is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while now, and never had the inspiration to do. Long story short, this is going to be an ongoing half storytelling, half mission report, filled with hand-drawn illustrations! Now for the little details about the save itself: It is a Science Mode save, filled with a bunch of mods I really enjoy together, along with a changed up tech tree! The main focus of the save will be to conquer the solar system, or in other words, have a kerbal presence everywhere I can. Without further ado, let's start!


First Flight: AA-1 "Tic-Tac"



The very first flight of the space program was to be an unmanned probe. Mostly because none of the engineers knew how to design rockets all that well, since they only had a 2 week crash course on how rockets are theorized to work.


So this mission was set for success.


The small 2 stage rocket was dubbed the AA-1, named after the first letter of the alphabet typed twice and the first number on a calculator. The payload, a small 0.125m probe carrying simple instruments like thermometers and Geiger counters, was fitted with the finest metal sticks (later renamed to antennas) and had two small solid rocket motors attached to help it get into orbit if the liquid-fueled stages weren't enough.


Due to it looking like a little tube, it was suggested that it be called "Tic-Tac".


The 4-chambered main engine fired, and the rocket... didn't 'up' off the pad. It was later discovered the engine had too little power.



AA-1 "Tic-Tac II"

That little mishap was quickly fixed after the original "Tic-Tac" tipped over on the launchpad and blew up . This time, the rocket ascended quickly, leaving a big trail of smoke behind itself as it went into orbit.

And boy did it orbit.  It managed to reach a high Kerbin orbit, and with it lots of scientific data about flying in emptiness far away from anything. After a couple hours of transmitting science and pinging signals around, it quietly ran out of juice and died.



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First Manned Flight: Hi-1 "Schnee"

Building upon the success of the "Tic-Tac", it was suggested that the space program should launch a second probe with better instruments to discover more about the new frontier that was just reached, but of course like every stupid senseless idea, it was disregarded.


Instead, we launched a Jeb on an unproved and untested rocket design. Sort of.


You see, the plan for the first manned mission was to be a high-altitude balloon flight, to see how the little green guys and gals would do in space-y conditions. Except the main piece of the operation, the balloon itself, didn't inflate during prototype testing. Some say sabotage had a hand in this, but at this point it was too late, since the engineers had half the rocket done already and had stuck the balloon capsule on top of it all.


That's how the Hi Series of rockets was born.


The flight itself was rather simple; it has to be. Otherwise all personnel that had anything to do with it would bail in fear of disaster. 5 minutes before launch, Jeb was put into the capsule, and locked inside. Afterwards, we had the hatch welded together with some solder we had in hand. After that, he couldn't get out of it, and neither could we.


the mission HAD to happen.


Then we lit the candle and he was off. 15 minutes later, we started receiving some radio messages from the sky, which meant he was actually alive, but more importantly, orbiting. He kept saying things about how the parachute cover was loose, and when we asked him how he could even see the parachute cover from the inside of such a small ball pod, he said he went out to see.


Lovely. He somehow escaped a welded pod.


Apparently he went out through a side panel which was loosened during launch, but we think he just broke a hole where the parachute was and floated out. Anyways, he did the sciences and the retro burn was completed. He re-entered somewhere over an ocean.


Except the one thing we wanted to come back from space, didn't come back.


Turns out Jeb wasn't lying to us. His parachute was actually floating free in space before re-entry and got ripped off and burnt and all that good stuff, and he had to bail. Out of the welded hatch. Which was rapidly melting.


He's lucky that we welded the door with solder instead of something better.


So, like a true kerbal, he grabbed all the science experiments and put it into his pockets, and jumped free, landing on his back on the water. He was fine, although the real worry here was the science. Luckily, it was also just fine. And that is how Jeb got into the no-fly list for experimental and/or single crew space vehicles and a building was converted into an astronaut training facility, to filter out any crazy elements in our rooster of pilots and general space-going kerbals.




The savefile is giving a bunch of errors for some reason, where I can't switch the part tabs and the part selector becomes unresponsive. I might have to start over, and if that ends up the case I'll move the reports so far into a legacy spoiler in the OP.


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