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This probably already exists but I wanted to see what I remembered of Excel (this didn't really test anything but, for once, I've produced something useful).

It basically calculates 4 things:

  1. Delta-V from a circular orbit to another circular orbit;
  2. Delta-V from a circular orbit to an elliptical transfer orbit;
  3. Circular orbit that can be reached from a circular orbit using a given amount of dV;
  4. Transfer orbit that can be reached from a circular orbit using a given amount of dV.

It works both ways: from lower to higher orbit and vice-versa. Retrograde burns will be indicated by negative dV (going opposite direction of motion).

It is set as default for Kerbin (I wrote it for RSS Earth and the values seemed sensible so I think it's correct, I won't take responsibility for missions failing because of erroneous calculations) but you can easily adapt it for any planet by changing the planet µ and radius which can both be accessed from the Tracking Station.

Since I can't solve transcendental equations (or be bothered checking that they are actually transcendental for that matter), the last two calculations require the "Solver" function of Excel which might not be installed by default but is free AFAIK. If you don't have it, you can just trial-and-error your way through using the first two calculators (this is basically what the Solver does anyway only automatically and using fancy numerical analysis methods).

The spreadsheet should contain enough instructions for you to be able to use it. If not, just ask.

Download link (.xslx file written on Excel 2013)

(This isn't really a tutorial but I think it fits in the section, if not, just say it and I'll ask for it to be moved wherever)

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